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Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season Finale – Dark Matter


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a bunch of preview images and a clip for this week’s episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, titled “Dark Matter”, which airs this coming Saturday, March 16th 10:00 AM as part of Cartoon Networks DC Nation Programming block.

“Dark Matter” also serves as the season finale episode, and follows the Aya Monitor as she returns to the dawn of time in order to stop all emtion and all life from ever existing. It is up to Hal to find a way to stop her. Meanwhile, Razer realizes that the only way to save the universe is to kill the woman he loves. Check out the gallery and the video below:

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Neil Raymundo

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  1. Dragonessa Dragonessa

    I for one would sincerely miss Green Lantern: The Animated Series. This has been one of the best ever animated shows and deserves an Emmy nomination. That last screenshot of Razer badly wounded, dead even has created a multitude of feelings among us fans, as he is one of the most beloved characters of this series.

  2. Neil Raymundo Neil Raymundo

    I agree, Dragonessa. Let’s hope that the downtime is just Warner/DC prepping up another season. Cartoon Network, for their part, probably doesn’t want a very popular show like this to just end (or worse, go to a rival network). They’ve already lost a lot with the Clone Wars, which could go to current Lucasfilm owners Disney if (or when) it comes back.

  3. This is a good series and I expect a good finale. The Aya storyline has been great, so I do hope the series returns. This is episode 26, so I’m going to believe this is just the end of the episodes ordered for this season, as 26 is the new norm for an animated series season length.

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