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Green Lantern: Razer’s Edge

Green Lantern: Razer’s Edge

We have two exclusive clips for this week’s Green Lantern – The Animated Series episode entitled “Razer’s Edge”. In the episode, Hal and Kilowog were ordered to drop Razer off at a prison asteroid operated by the Spider Guild. But an escaped creature named Goggan tells them that the prison is not as it really seems, so Hal and Kilowog decide to go back and rescue Razer, as well as bring down the Spider Guild.

The first clip shows Hal and Kilowog’s hilarious encounter with Goggan, as well as Hal’s “Good Cop/Ugly Cop” interrogation routine. Goggan made the two GLs look like a couple of amateur poozers during the chase, didn’t he?

The second clip shows the duo at the prison asteroid, trying (unsuccessfully) to fight off a horde of spider guards even though their rings have mysteriously stopped working. Hal states that he’s made sure he charged the rings. The yellow rocks probably had something to do with it.

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