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New Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser

New Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser

Similar to what they originally did with Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel has just released a trailer teaser for the upcoming third installment of the Iron Man movie franchise. In case you’re wondering if “trailer teaser” is a typo and we really meant teaser trailer, no. It’s literally a short teaser for the full length trailer. Basically, it’s a preview of a preview. Make of that what you will.

Clocking in at only 17 seconds, the trailer teaser doesn’t have a lot of new things that you haven’t seen in the set pics floating all over the net. Pepper Potts looking like she’s in trouble is already known after being mentioned by the official synopsis. Still, it was nice to see Stark’s new gold-heavy armor in a video instead of the still shots.

The full length official trailer is scheduled to come out on October 23, while the movie itself is slated for an April 26, 2013 in the UK.

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