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100th Episode of Johnny Test to be Penned by Creator Scott Fellows


Indie Kids’ Entertainment Producer DHX Media has just released a few bits of information about the storyline of the 100th episode of their hit 2D animated comedy adventure series, Johnny Test. According to DHX Media, the 100th episode will be written by the show’s creator Scott Fellows, who also created Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Big Time Rush.

“When I think of doing 100 episodes of Johnny, I’m really kinda blown away,” Says Fellows. “For three seasons, I’ve written a series-ending finale, but our audience keeps growing so we keep going. Johnny still surprises us and makes us laugh. We’re so grateful the kids (and some adults) keep watching! In this new season we have our 100th half-hour episode. It’s a special two-part episode. I’m not going to say too much, but I will say Johnny has fallen into a fairy tale sleep and can’t be woken. Everyone tries to help wake him up before it’s too late… you’ll just have to tune in and find out what’s going to happen to Johnny and the gang.”

The series, which currently has 117 available episodes, focuses on the 11 year old Johnny, who frequently serves as the guinea pig for the experiments of his two genius sisters. The experiments of the brainy twins tend to send Johnny into wacky, and mostly hilarious adventures accompanied by his talking dog, Dukey.

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  1. Brian Schnoor Brian Schnoor

    A cool Johnny Test dream.
    Johnnys dad had a dream journal and a dream notebook. He kept his good dreams in his dream journal and his bad dreams in his dream notebook.
    One night he dreamed of the most perfect house and then wrote it down in his dream journal.
    In the morning he told everyone about having a dream about the most perfect home.
    But Johnny had found out about his dream journal and where he kept it, so wile his dad was outside Johnny quickly went to get it. After he had grabed one of the dream books he went to the lab and talked to his mom and sisters about building him his dream house and they agreed. So they used the gals their constroction drones to get the house made in time wile the mom took the dad someware to keep him busy.
    When they got back the house looked scary outsid and inside to his folks and Johnny showed them why. When his dad saw the reason he said, “Johnny this isn’t my dream journal it’s my nightmare notebook, which means you built me my nightmare house”. After Johnny heard that he said “Well, that would definetly explain the quicksand floors”.

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