Johnny Test

WildBrain revives Johnny Test in new TV series

Canadian children’s entertainment producer WildBrain (formerly known as DHX Media) has announced its intention to relaunch the Johnny Test franchise with a brand new full-length series. The revamped show is being created by WildBrain Studios Vancouver with the company looking to recruit animators experienced with ToonBoom Harmony.

Little is known about the new show, but the promotional image shows Johnny with a slightly revised look. Dukey voice actor Trevor Devall hinted on Twitter that the “the [voice] cast is more or less the same” as the original series. A release date or distribution platform have yet to be revealed for the new show.

This production is separate from the 15 x 5-minute web-series teased last year. Those shorts were handled by the London-based WildBrain Spark and feature an entirely different voice cast based out of New York. It’s not currently known when those will launch on YouTube.

Johnny Test originally debuted on KidsWB in 2005. The show became a staple on the schedules of Cartoon Network and Canadian cable channel Teletoon for the years to come, amassing 117 episodes over its six-season run. The series ended in 2014.

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