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LA Lakers’ Dwight Howard Lends Voice to Kick Buttowski

LA Lakers' Dwight Howard Lends Voice to Kick Buttowski

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard is no stranger to the entertainment business, after all, NBA is only a few pegs below professional wrestling when it comes to the amalgamations of entertainment, cult personalities, and athleticism.

While Dwight Howard, who is a three time Defensive Player of the Year, hasn’t really gone the way of Shaquille O’Neal when it comes to endorsement deals and entertainment projects, he has already had some screen time, such as his appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards with host comedian Kevin Hart, and of course the string of promotional tours in China for Adidas.

Dwight Howard’s most recent venture in the entertainment business is as a guest voice star of the hit Disney XD show Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, in which he lent his voice for the character Rock Callahan, who is locked in battle with another character called the Dark One (voiced by Tony Reali of Around the Horn).

You can watch the clip of Dwight Howard’s Kick Buttowski guesting below:

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