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New Looney Tunes Theatrical Shorts

New Looney Tunes Theatrical Shorts

Have you ever wondered what the classic Looney Toons cartoons featuring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner’s hilarious cat and mouse (er-road runner and coyote) games would look like if updated with brand spanking new CG graphics?

In Looney Tunes’ new Theatrical Shorts, you’ll see brand new CG-animated takes on the classic toons. For instance, in “Rabid Rider”, Wile E. Coyote tries to use an ACME Hyper Sonic Transport to catch the unsuspecting but eternally lucky Road Runner. As expected, the transport has a few problems that prevent it from working effectively. In “Fur of Flying,” Wile E. resorts to a makeshift copter-helmet in order to catch the elusive Road Runner. Unfortunately, he also needs to avoid heat-seeking missiles.

Of course, this being Looney Tunes, we can expect the outcome of every single attempt by Wile E. to fail. The one we have to watch out for is exactly how it will transpire. Is it a result of pure bad luck, or is it a defect in whatever contraption he’s using? You can watch the videos below to find out:

For more exclusive Looney Tunes shorts, you can visit their Youtube Channel @

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