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Deadpool Movie is Finally Confirmed

One of the best parts of Fox’s X-Men: Origins was the appearance of Wade Wilson, because Deadpool has a large (and loyal) fanbase, and that Ryan Reynolds did a fine job portraying the merc in a mouth before he became the wisecracking, fourth wall-breaking anti-hero. The clamor for a spin-off movie was equally strong, but died down after the project was unceremoniously shelved and Reynolds went to the other camp and portrayed one of their heroes (unsuccessfully, in terms of critical reception.)

Fortunately for all the little Deadpool fans out there, Fox has finally confirmed that a Deadpool movie is officially pushing through, and what’s even better is that they plan to cast Ryan Reynolds in the lead, which means it stands to benefit from the universe already set by the Wolverine movies, and that it could help make people forget all about the actor’s much-maligned stint as an emerald guardian. The official release date of the Deadpool film is set as February 2016.

Reynolds has yet to sign on the dotted line, but given Fox’s statement about wanting to cast him in the lead, it can be assumed that all that’s needed is formality. What’s even better is that producer Simon Kinberg has already hinted that they’re trying to go for an R-rating in order to do the character justice.



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