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Marvel Announces Details of Upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Show

Marvel Announces Details of Upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Show

If you’re excited about Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man, which is still a long ways away from its broadcast date (April 1), you may want to keep in your bookmarks, since starting this week, Marvel will provide exclusive official announcements and teaser images of the Super Heroes joining Ultimate Spider-Man. will also release exclusive commentary from people behind the scenes, such as Paul Dini, Brian Bendis, Cort Lane, and even Marvel Television’s head honcho – Jeph Loeb.

Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada also provides an exclusive primer on the world of Ultimate Spider-Man. JoeQ himself answers important questions regarding the show’s development, the artists who took part in creating the Ultimate world, and how the series fits in with the continuity of the entire Spider-Man mythos. will release a new exclusive content in support of Ultimate Spider-Man daily, at 3pm until the show’s premiere on April 1, at the Disney XD channel.

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