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Marvel Launches Share Your Universe Campaign


Riding high on the success of their franchises on Disney XD, Marvel Entertainment has recently launched a cross-platform promotional campaign that aims to increase awareness for the comic books that started it all. Dubbed “Share Your Universe,” the campaign uses the Avengers and Spider-Man brands’ success outside of comics in helping encourage new readers to explore the comic books in both print and digital forms.

Dan Buckley, Marvel’s Publisher and President of Print, Animation and Digital, explained “Every Marvel fan has a unique story for how these heroes, their stories and the experience of entering the Marvel Universe helped shape their childhood,” adding that the company “want[s] to make it easy to continue that tradition with your kids, nieces, nephews and loved ones.”

As part of the promotion, comics that tie in with Marvel’s DisneyXD animated shows will be made available in both digital and print formats, while episodes of both Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man will be offered for free on Xbox Video until July 15.


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