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Stan Lee Returns to Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man


Iconic comic book creator Stan Lee is pretty much a staple in Marvel’s big screen properties, doing cameos in some of the biggest movie adaptation of the comic book companies’ titles, and in some movies that are only slightly related to the medium (such as a number of Kevin Smith’s films). This August, Stan “The Man” Lee will be reprising yet another of his Marvel roles as Stan the Janitor returns in a new episode of “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man.”

The episode, titled “Stan By Me,” is scheduled to air this August 4 at 11:30 AM to 12 noon ET/PT as part of Disney XD’s Marvel Universe block. The episode finds Spidey depending on Mary Jane, Harry, and the secret abilities of Stan the Janitor in order to track down The Lizard due to loss of contact with his super hero teammates and Principal Coulson. This may be Spidey’s last chance to get The Lizard, who is now aiming to rid himself of the last of his humanity, using a city-wide power outage as a cover.

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  1. Hey.

    Heh. I enjoyed watching this episode.
    “My back!” That’s when reality finally set in (:

    – Ziro out.

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