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Title for Venom Spin-Off Movie Revealed: Venom Carnage

A recent report has finally revealed the title for Sony’s Venom movie: Venom Carnage. While there’s little to nothing in the way of details yet, the title does hint at a few things. First is the possibility of Cletus Kasady – the psychopath serving as the host for the red symbiote that spawned from Spidey/Venom’s black costume – being part of the film itself. Second, if Carnage is part of the film, there’s no way he’s going to be portrayed as anything but a villain, which means that Venom could be portrayed as an anti-hero like in the comics (he is the star of the movie, after all.)

Aside from the Venom Carnage news, the Deadline report also revealed new details regarding Drew Goddard’s The Sinister Six, which is Sony’s upcoming Marvel-based superteam. But unlike the Avengers, this super team is made up of super villains. It’s going to follow the concept of the Sinister Six from the comic books, which has Doctor Octopus serving as the leader of a slightly dysfunctional team of super-villains.

The Sinister Six is slated for a November 11, 2016 release while Venom Carnage is still awaiting an official release date confirmation, though reports state that it’s likely to debut in 2017.



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