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Disney Movies Anywhere Debuts Disney Drive-On with the Muppets

Yesterday, Disney’s cloud-based digital movie service Disney Movies Anywhere launched a new six-part original series titled “Disney Drive-On with The Muppets,” which brings everything you’ve come to love and expect from The Muppets, along with a bunch of cool celebrity cameos. The series will run for a limited time, with two new episodes being released every Friday.

DMA’s official description of Disney Drive-On with the Muppets:

After being left in charge of the Muppets’ office by Kermit, Pepe the King Prawn takes on the responsibility of “mentoring” Walter on the business of Hollywood. Still considered the “new guy” with the Muppets, Walter is given low-level jobs working alongside his fellow Muppets at their office in the famed Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. He quickly learns there is a lot more to making movies than he thought! Developing projects may not always be so glamorous, but Walter is still excited to tackle new challenges, and discovers life on the Disney Lot is certainly a fun and funny adventure.



disney drive on

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