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My Little Pony Wedding DVD Comes Out in August

My Little Pony Wedding DVD Comes Out in August

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic’s Royal Wedding two part special will be getting its own DVD on August 7, via Shout! Factory. The MLP Royal Wedding DVD package will also come with Hearts and Hooves Day, Sweet & Elite, and The Best Night Ever, in order to continue the theme of love and commitment.

Entitled My Little Pony, A Canterlot Wedding, the MLP two part wedding special focuses on the nuptials of Princess Celestia’s niece Cadence to Twilight Sparkle’s brother, Shining Armor. The celebrations, however, are threatened by a dark secret about the bride that Twilight Sparkle discovered. The two part special originally aired last April and was supported by a transmedia marketing campaign, including interstitials narrated by Tori Spelling.

Launching under the MSRP of $14.97, the My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding DVD will also come with a bonus coloring sheet, and other extra bonuses.

My Little Pony Wedding DVD Comes Out in August

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