Naruto Chapter 660 Recap: The Hidden Heart


This week’s chapter of Naruto continues with Madara Uchiha’s attempt to recapture the Tailed Beasts using the Gedo Mazou, starting with Kurama and Gyuki, but Zetsu reminds him that he doesn’t really need to start with them considering that they’re the hardest to get due to having a host. So Madara focuses on Shukaku instead, who was temporarily saved by Gaara.

We then get a flashback to Shukaku’s time with a previous host, who is an old priest that the one tails seems to have bonded with and started treating as an equal. It seems as though Shukaku has finally accepted Gaara on the same level as said priest, even though the kazekage isn’t really his host anymore.

The end of the chapter has Shukaku being reminded of the old Japanese folk tale about the bunbuku chagama, which is about the Tanuki (what Shukaku is modeled after) transforming into a teapot in order to help a kind yet poor man. The last page also has Kurama telling Gaara something, before being sucked away from Naruto and back into the Gedo Mazo. Whatever it is is not yet clear, but it seems to be intentional on Kurama’s part.

By Neil Raymundo

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