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Top 5 Best Anime Weapons

There are a lot of powerful weapons in anime, but choosing the best anime weapons based on pure destructive ability can be next to impossible due to the fact that it scales differently between franchises (and sometimes even within the same series.) So bear in mind that this list is not only subjective, but also based more on uniqueness instead of offensive capability. I’ve also disregarded mechas even though they’re technically “weapons” of mass destruction, because they tend to be more vehicle than weapon. Skills and techniques were also disqualified, except for one entry.

Punisher (Trigun)

wolfwood punisher

Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher is one of the coolest and most distinctive weapons in mainstream anime, which explains why a lot of cosplayers choose to cosplay as Wolfwood even if it means lugging a heavy and unwieldy prop around.

Basically, The Punisher is a large 7-foot cross and an extremely versatile weapon, especially for someone strong enough to handle it. Wolfwood has used it as melee weapon and as a shield, but its primary use is for offense. The Punisher has two machine guns in front and a rocket launcher in the back, and the side-arms also open up to reveal four pistols on each side (a total of eight.)

Itachi’s Susanoo (Naruto)

itachi susanoo

This is the exception I was talking about. Susanoos are essentially techniques instead of weapons, but Itachi’s version is unique because it is carrying, for lack of a better term, third party weapons. While Madara and Sasuke’s Susanoos carry weapon forged from the Susanoo itself or their other techniques, Itachi’s carries the Sword of Totsuka, which is capable of sealing anyone it pierces and also for cutting opponents like a normal blade. It is also wielding the Yata Mirror, which functions as a shield that can change its own characteristics to any of the five nature transformations, making it effective on any attack it receives.

Jigen To (Yu Yu Hakusho)

kuwabara jigen tou

The Jigen To (or Dimension Blade) is the evolved version of Kazuma Kuwabara’s spirit sword. Whereas the spirit sword is a basic melee weapon made out of his spirit energy, the Jigen To is more concentrated (its form appearing much more defined and sharper than its predecessor) and capable of literally cutting through anything – even space itself.

The ability to cut space itself allows Kuwabara to punch above his weight class, as exemplified by the fight against Sensui Shinobu. Sensui had no problems receiving and deflecting attacks from Hiei and Kurama (who are both way above Kuwabara in terms of power) but was dodging Kuwabara’s attacks. The sword is also capable of halving distance and attacking enemies from far away by slicing the fabric of space. It was not addressed fully in the anime or manga, but this essentially means that the sword was capable of creating wormholes, which could serve as a means of travel.

The Notebook (Death Note)


This is possibly the only entry in here that didn’t come from a shonen manga, but as far as weapons go, it’s one of the most powerful and easiest to use. All you need is a pen, the notebook, and the name and face of the person (or shinigami eyes.) Just write the person’s name into the notebook and he’ll die, wherever he is. The speed in which it happens will depend on how you wrote it – which, by the way, brings us to another use of the notebook: the entries in it can include special instructions, so that you can stage how and when a person dies, as well as affect the actions of the victim and any person included in the scenario.

Book of the End (Bleach)


One of the appeals of Bleach is the sheer amount of creativity that was put into the weapons. It’s not like Dragon Ball where everybody’s just shooting differently colored lasers out of their hands – each sword in Bleach has a specific ability that ranges from simple things like stretching to really odd ones such as the ability to double the weight of anything that it hits.

It used to be that the UBER HAXZ label belonged to either Aizen’s kyoka suigetsu, which had the ability to hypnotize a person completely, or Yamamoto’s Ryuujin Jakka, which has so many fire-based abilities that we won’t bother listing them in here – but enter: Shukuro Tsukishima’s Fullbring, the Book of the End.

The Book of the End comes in the form of a bookmark but turns into a katana when awakened. It can be used as a normal sword, but its true ability is that instead of cutting, it inserts Tsukishima into the target’s past. It’s neither an illusion nor a modification of memories-the sword literally changes a person’s past. And once Tsukishima manages to cut you, he can modify your past retroactively any time and any way he wants. It can be anything from turning himself into your best friend, lover, or even just having him alongside and being aware of all of your techniques and weaknesses. Additionally, the Book of the End isn’t limited to living things. It works even on objects, as shown when he used it on a floor in order to insert him into its past, retroactively placing traps in it.

So there goes my list, if you disagree or want to add other examples, feel free to comment on this page. Or better yet, you can take it to Toonbarn’s forums and make your own list!

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