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An Allegory of Animation.

I been proud to write for Toon Barn for the last several years.

But as of late, I haven’t been proud of writing about animation on this site.

And recent events have showcased the issues the industry suffers from.

But on this essay, I want to write in allegorical terms about what i see in the industry.

This deals with four men and how they affected their area of work. But their lives in the private world go from the greatest highs, to the lowest of the low.

But it shows that overall, how the medium in one area is dying because of its weakness and corruption, while one is about to get out of its morass, and others are starting to bloom like i mentioned in other places nearly 10 or so years ago.

You can be a great artist, where in 7 minutes nobody can beat you. They have made money off of the most crazy ideas you had. But you had a dark secret. You couldnt talk to anybody whatsoever – and one used his talent, and his connections to open communications to some of the most innocent among us.

There was another like him, who did even darker stuff behind the scenes.

They both made money for this one company. How could anybody not know? Were they all in on it? Did some just look the other way?

The youth saw the sappiness, the weakness…the lack of logos – the spirit of mind, and they left to other genres.

In one particular genre, there was a man who was a man’s man. He never did controversial work. He made a series people called beautiful, ground breaking.

Another man, was only the second to one of the greatest of all time – a true friend – he was the only one to make this legend angry while working on the projects. He made and was a part of a culture that sprung out from search of the logos. the spark of God, the spirit of mind that created the mind.

One was caught with doing things to the innocent.

The other passed away in his sleep.

The law arrested the former in order to protect the latter’s legacy to the genre and the whole medium.

No matter what the fan artists do with their art, no matter how they are viewed by outsiders, no matter how the original works are seen by those who never understood that their own house is and still is on fire with their hypocrisy and spite – they are less corrupted – less insane, more hopeful – than others give them credit for.

But when we come back to what we know, there are calls to replace the men that hurt the innocent. They can be replaced by those who never had the skill, or the will or even have the power in their own minds, to change the industry or the genre.

How can you change those things when your art was inspired or you even worked for the same people that you want to replace or see somebody you know replaced? Is it even worth the risk of doing such things when the audience no longer trusts the whole rotting edifice? They have no answer for these questions and they refuse to give a straight answer. They tell many of those wondering how things will get better with their own more “reputable” people on board to just be quiet and let magic happen.

Magic is a illusion. The reality has been and will always will be that talent will win, talent and skill, has won, talent, skill and work ethic did win and talent, skill, work ethic, personality, and attitude has always won over the audience for decades on end.

None of their replacements ever reached the first one. These replacements are good little propagandists, interestingly and increasingly for the same evil stuff they now lambast the people who brought them even in the industry for. Evil is Evil. It must be punished. Its a action not a drawing. Its a action not a written word. The evil action must be punished and now we dont even do that which is why their seems to be little hope in this country anymore, and when it is even done, if you have enough money – you can get away with it…have a little vacation, this that and the other.

Forget a correction.

Forget a cleansing.

The whole western animation universe as it stands needs to be thrown out, this whole stinking structure from ship to stern and rebuilt afresh. It cannot be done with replacements of propagandists from the same studios continuing on their corrupt natures. Its the same corruption that allowed people like Peggy Charen to create the same e/i edicts, the same ones she thought were going to bring back the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s, but all it did was promote either Obama’s administration or now Trumps. It was supposed to limit commercial advertising, but now memes based on the same adverting now limited rules the internet. Meant to educated the children, they have fallen behind on what matters – and it was to free the animator? Those same dudes were caught with their pants on the floor, either if it was in Hollywood with a small couch, or in Calgary, Alberta Canada via what one knew.

And now? What is the Cartoon Network? Why does Disney XD have Pokemon after the disaster that was Yokai Watch… why is all the action series now mostly super heroes, and why are the DC ones not airing on Toonami for example… Why is there no investigation on Nick and its massive issues from Tax problems and all sorts of chicanery.

Why are all these shows now run by people who allow those that want a female child to commit suicide because she drew a character “wrong”? Thats not a genre, that’s not even entertainment. Its detritus. It needs to be thrown out. Gone. Dispersed with.

Because the whole world is ready now. Ready for people begging for any hope in mankinds highest form of art to showcase their world and their life through this medium. That is what I am hoping for now. We cant do it because we as a nation need to get our acts in order in many different ways. We have seen gimpses of it’s greatness once in a blue moon. But the festering tendril wraps its slime on the artifice and it must be ridden of. And if it cant then its better to move on.

And moving on to other places and other lands, is hard to do – but your sanity at risk, your love of this art form is in peril.

It is better to let go and move on and do nothing… in order for the gift to return back into the world.

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