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Computers and Cartoons join with Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition

Computers and Cartoons join with Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition

It’s a computer. It’s a cartoon powerhouse. It’s both! Nickelodeon and Dell have put together something truly awesome, and it might be the best way yet to get your folks to buy you a laptop! The new Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition (available through Dell and Walmart) is designed specifically for fans of the cartoon giant – even featuring Nick’s trademark slime across the outside. The UI features Nickelodeon branded wallpaper, icons, cursors, sound effects, and more, taking special note of the network’s biggest star, SpongeBob SquarePants. Weighing less than 3 pounds, yet packing a powerful punch in terms of specs, the computer would be a phenomenal way to get all those homework and work projects completed! …and, of course, to head back to for regular updates! 🙂

The new Mini Nickelodeon Edition is everything your kids want in a mobile companion and a whole lot more. Its highly portable, sharp design is complete with wireless and entertainment features, making the Mini Nickelodeon Edition exactly what a best friend should be. Plus, Nickelodeon left its mark on the outside with a green splash of slime and inside with entertaining interactive features. Step into the wacky world of Nickelodeon -— it will be so amusing, your kids won’t even notice they’re learning.

Have the Slime of Your Life
Nickelodeon has taken over the new Mini Nickelodeon Edition with slimy features inside and out. Discover a world of wacky characters and green slime where the only mess your kids create will be a virtual one.

Slimy design
Green slime left its mark on the Mini Nickelodoeon Edition both on the outside cover and inside on the palm rest.
Once you explore a little deeper, you’ll find lots of entertaining features that only Nickelodeon can come up with. The new Mini Nickelodeon Edition offers the latest Nickelodeon content on the desktop gadget, Nick wallpapers and a free Nick Game of the Week.

Nick media
Stream MP3 songs and advanced screenings of Nick shows (48 hours in advance) on the Nickelodeon broadband media player.

Plunge into the virtual world of Whyville, an immersive social environment where kids can learn and play with other kids on a global level. They’ll live their virtual life through a customized avatar that navigates them through a dynamic and engaging variety of educational and kid-friendly activities. Whyville is both parent and teacher approved.

Mobile Entertainment
The Mini Nickelodeon Edition is designed to give your kids access to their favorite entertainment. When they’re on the go, they can still be connected1 to e-mail, friends, music and more.

Seamless viewing
A bright 10.1″ widescreen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio is designed to present websites with brilliant clarity.

Social connection
The internal 802.11b/g WiFi keeps your kids connected1 to their blog, video chat, instant messenger and e-mail. And with the 1.3MP webcam, they can stay connected virtually to their friends and family.

Easy access to media
With 3 USB ports your kids can easily connect to their favorite media, an external hard drive, digital cameras and other USB devices.

Optional External Optical Drive
Add an optional external DVD drive to watch or burn CDs and DVDs (shown above).

Smart Design
The Mini Nickelodeon Edition was developed to be the perfect companion, helping your kids stay connected while on the go.

Store music, photos and more on the go. The Mini Nickelodeon Edition boasts a 160GB2 hard drive.

The Mini Nickelodeon Edition’s keyboard is easy to use. At 92% the size of a standard laptop keyboard and with a multi-touch track pad, even adult-sized fingers will have an easy time navigating Mini Nickelodeon Edition’s keyboard. Plus, the keyboard is spill-resistant, so you can rest assured if accidents happen.

Long battery life
No need to sacrifice weight for battery life. The Mini Nickelodeon Edition’s 3-cell battery provides long battery life while keeping the weight of the netbook under 3 pounds.

Simple and Smart Services
Dell DataSafe™ Online
Our online backup service offers data protection by enabling customers to back up data to a safe, remote storage site using an Internet connection. Dell DataSafe Online is easy, flexible and secure. After setup, it will automatically back up data to help protect against software, hardware and catastrophic failure.

Dell Remote Access
Enjoy what’s on your home PC from almost anywhere. With Dell Remote Access3 Basic, you can easily access photos, music, movies and more on your home system using another Internet-connected computer. No more waiting until you get home to get the files you need!

Dell Support Center
Our centrally located, easy-to-use application provides personalized support resources. Conveniently located on your PC’s desktop with quick links to service, support and system resources. Helps keep your system up-to-date and running efficiently through automated fixes for common configuration issues.

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