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Hey Arnold! Season 2 Part 2 DVD

Hey Arnold! Season Two Part 2 DVD Review

Hey Arnold! Season 2 Part 2 DVD

Hey Arnold! Season Two Part 2 is available in stores TOMORROW, July 24th, 2012!

For people who are long-time fans of this show, starting tomorrow, you may add it to your Season 1 and Season 2 Part 1 DVD Collections. For people who are unfamiliar with the Season 2 episodes, which aired in 1997, here is a brief synopsis of the show:

Hey Arnold! is an animated television series created by Craig Bartlett for Nickelodeon. The show’s premise focuses on a fourth-grader named Arnold who lives with his grandparents. Episodes center on his experiences navigating big city life while dealing with the problems he and his friends encounter. Certain episodes focus on the lives of supporting characters, such as the tenants of the boarding house that Arnold’s grandparents own. In each episode, Arnold often helps a schoolmate solve a personal problem, or encounters a predicament of his own. Arnold is NOT a typical fourth-grader. Arnold’s parents left him with his paternal grandparents before leaving on an expedition, never to be seen again. Arnold is a dreamer and an idealist who always tries to see the best in people and strives to do the right thing. Whenever he sees someone in trouble, Arnold goes out of his way to help them out, even if it is not sensible to do so.

Hey Arnold! Season 2 Part 2 DVD

The DVD Features Ten Original Episodes from the Second Season of Nickelodeon’s Hit Animated Series on DVD From Shout! Factory. Here is a brief description of each episode:

Disc 1:

Ep 1 –
The High Life: Gerald becomes an entrepreneur out of selling watches until the market becomes saturated.
Best Friends: Rhonda and Nadine fall out over working on a project at school, leaving Arnold to work with both of them separately.
Ep 2 –
Steely Phil: Arnold’s Grandpa enters a Chinese Checkers tournament to reclaim his pride lost forty years ago. Robby Fisher’s name is a parody of Bobby Fischer.
Quantity Time: Helga’s mother tries to let her and her father, Bob, bond.
Ep 3 –
Eating Contest: Arnold enters an eating contest.
Rhonda’s Glasses: Rhonda gets glasses and finds out what it is like to be a “Geek”.
Ep 4 –
Helga’s Boyfriend: Helga uses Stinky as her boyfriend to try and make Arnold jealous.
Crush on Teacher: Arnold develops a crush on Miss Felter, a substitute teacher, thinking he is having dinner at her house, only to realize otherwise.
Ep 5 –
Hall Monitor: Phoebe becomes hall monitor and asks Helga for tips. She becomes overwhelmed by the “power” and soon everyone wants the old Phoebe back, even Helga once she realizes Phoebe’s also giving her detentions.
Harold’s Bar Mitzvah: Harold runs away from his Bar Mitzvah, thinking he will retain his childhood this way.

Disc 2:

Ep 6 –
Coach Wittenberg: Arnold and his friends get Coach Wittenberg to be their new bowling coach.
Four-eyed Jack: The ghost of a former boarding house resident is believed to have been causing strange occurrences in there when Arnold and Gerald find an old pair of glasses believing to have belonged to him.
Ep 7 –
Eugene Goes Bad: After finding out that his idol is a haughty, primped actor, Eugene sets out to become bad.
What’s Opera, Arnold?: Helga and Arnold fall asleep and have their own “parody/dream” of the opera Carmen.
Ep 8 –
Tour de Pond: Arnold and a descendant of his grandpa’s arch enemy, Rex Smythe-Higgins, compete in a boat race.
Teachers Strike: Teachers of Arnold’s school go on strike because of inadequate funding; He and his friends are on cloud nine, only to find out that every lost school day will be taken from their summer vacation.
Ep 9 –
Part-Time Friends: Arnold is okay with working with Gerald at Mrs. Vitello’s flower shop, but not with working for Gerald, which causes the friendship to hit a snag.
Biosquare: As a science assignment, Arnold and Helga have to work together, and get along with each other, for 24 hours in the Sunset Arms greenhouse.
Ep 10 –
Runaway Float: After creating an idea for a parade float, Arnold is confident of it showing up in a parade.
Partners: A lounge singer moves into the Sunset Arms after renouncing his songwriter, who also moves there.

Coach Wittenberg

The segment that we particularly enjoy the best is Jim Belushi’s portrayal of “Coach Wittenberg”, who Arnold recruits to become his team’s bowling coach. There isn’t any reason given as to why Arnold and his friends want to enter the bowling tournament, but it is entertaining nonetheless, when the Coach has to learn how to coach from a 4th grade boy. The lesson in this one is for a coach to treat his players with respect, instead of coming down hard on them all the time, and they may give you the best they can give. In the end, the coach manages to get his life back together again, with Arnold’s help.

Part-Time Friends Arnold and Gerald

One of the strangest segments is “Part-time Friends”, where Arnold and Gerald have to run the flower shop when the owner (Mrs. Vitello) gets an injury that forces her to need rest. It is not likely any of us ever had the fortune to see a flower shop run by two fourth-graders, so the premise is a bit of a stretch. But then, most of the problems faced by Arnold and his friends are a little exaggerated from time to time, so these lessons can really be applied to anyone. Lesson 1 for this segment: if you want to remain friends, don’t work together where one of you has to tell the other what to do. It really puts a strain on the relationship.

I wish we had time to talk about every episode, but just go out and get the DVD and see for yourself. You won’t find this cartoon available in widescreen, since it was made in a time when full-screen televisions were still the most popular format. And this DVD does not come with any extras. The is the bare-bone episodes only.

From the Back of the DVD Package:
Come hang out with Arnold, Gerald and the gang for more adventure-filled fun in the big city! Season Two, Part 2 delivers some of the best moments yet when Arnold enters an eating contest, Rhonda gets glasses, Phoebe becomes a power-hungry hall monitor, Helga uses Stinky to make Arnold jealous and more! Hey Arnold!: Season Two Part 2 will be released on DVD July 24th, 2012 with a suggested retail price of $19.93. So grab some friends, head out to the stoop and settle in for the conclusion of Hey Arnold! Season Two now on DVD!

Hey Arnold! features an all-star voice cast, including Toran Caudell (Recess), Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons), Francesca Smith (Recess) and Jamil Walker Smith (SGU Stargate Universe).

Hey Arnold!: Season Two Part 2
Street Date: 07/24/12 (Episodes from 1997)
SRP: $19.93
Disc #: 2
Running time: +/- 230 minutes (3.75 hrs)
U.S. Rating: TV-Y (Packaging displays “Not Rated”)
Canadian Rating: C8
Full Screen (Widescreen Not Available)

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