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Interview with Tara Strong, aka Timmy Turner, Ben 10, Bubbles, and Dil Pickles

Interview with Tara Strong, aka Timmy Turner, Ben 10, Bubbles, Dil Pickles and more

Actress Tara Strong is known for her voices on Fairly OddParents (as Timmy Turner and Poof),  Powerpuff Girls (as Bubbles), Ben 10 (as Ben Tennyson), Rugrats (as Dil Pickles), and many, many more!  Recently, Tara was interviewed by Butch Hartman (the creator and Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, and T.U.F.F. PUPPY) and his wife Juliann Hartman.  Together Mr. and Mrs. Hartman created Hart2Heart on YouTube putting out new videos every week! You can check out their other videos here: thehart2heart.  During this interview, Tara shows off her awesome voice talents and tells how she became a voice actress. Mr. Hartman even shows off some of his own awesome cartoon voices! Check out the interview right here, and let us know what you think



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  1. Dave Dave

    Thats crazy! A girl does Timmy Turner’s voice! Great Interview!

  2. Alex Alex


  3. CartoonBubb CartoonBubb

    She is in all my favorite shows! – Poof is the greatest baby cartoon eva!

  4. CartoonBubb CartoonBubb

    @Alex no kidding!


    LOL! Timmy is voiced by a girl.
    I see that girl from Detention.

  6. HUGETwilightSparklefan HUGETwilightSparklefan

    Where is Twilight Sparkle? That would make this interview 20% cooler.

  7. iAm_SoPhia iAm_SoPhia

    don’t have ariel and melody? of the little meraid?

  8. Samsul Samsul

    It’s telling that you’re wacinthg the show about an imaginary ten-year-old boy who gets spoiled rotten by tiny fake parents, and not the multitude of teen-oriented shows that Nickelodeon DOES in fact produce.Here’s a fun summer assignment: take a walk on down to your local library and ask the librarians to suggest some young adult literature. Find a nice book that looks interesting to you, read it, and then write a little critique’ on it for your little website. Maybe you’ll find that television isn’t what you need on these long summer days!

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