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January 2011 is officially Nickelodeon’s biggest January ever

January 2011 is officially Nickelodeon's biggest January ever

For roughly 30 years, Nickelodeon has been providing kids with some of the greatest TV content ever seen, with special nods to their animated adventures. However, never before, in the history of the network, have there been more viewers in the month of January than in the just-ended January of 2011. In the ratings column of Total Viewers, Nickelodeon’s January scored a 2.4 million average, bolstered by the premiere of House of Anubis, Bubble Guppies, and of course the 75-minute SpongeBob SquarePants special, Legends of Bikini Bottom, which itself scored amazingly high ratings. And with SpongeBob and other favorites going strong into the future, things are looking to get even better for Nick!

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  1. jade finn jade finn

    i love spongbob and the gang i wish i could see then on tv every day but i miss it 1’s or 2’s 🙁

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