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Jimmy Neutron’s Sheen Estevez hits Nickelodeon this November with Planet Sheen

Jimmy Neutron's Sheen Estevez hits Nickelodeon this November with Planet Sheen

With The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius now behind us, Nickelodeon has been ramping up a new spin-off series. Thus, we welcome Planet Sheen, the newest CG animated toon based on the characters created by Steve Oedekerk, Keith Alcorn, and John Davis. We’ve been anxiously waiting for the O Entertainment series since first hearing about it last year, but details are now finally starting to come in. The toon focuses on Sheen Estevez and his adventures after “borrowing” a rocket from Jimmy Neutron and landing on the planet Zeenu. Sheen must learn to deal with Zeenu’s bizarre customs, a villain named Dorkus, a two-headed princess with a crush on him, and a talking chimp named klhuklyjk. Sounds… challenging. Planet Sheen will premiere on November 13th of this year, featuring the return of Jeff Garcia as the voice of Sheen Estevez.


* Jeff Garcia – Sheen Estevez
* Bob Joles – Nesmith
* Rob Paulsen – Doppy
* Soleil Moon Frye – Aseefa
* Jeff Bennett – Dorkus
* Candi Milo – Princess OomLout (first head)
* Morgan Murphy – Princess OomLout (second head)
* Fred Tatasciore – Emperor
* Thomas Gregson


* Jim Hope
* Allen J. Zipper
* Sean Presant
* Rashad Rivers

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  1. dick22 dick22

    Was this premiere date confirmed by Nick theirself? Or is this just speculation? I am really excited to see it on tv! Trust me when I say that this is going to be a great looking show. 😉

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