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Jimmy Neutron’s Sheen returns in Nickelodeon’s Planet Sheen

Jimmy Neutron's Sheen returns in Nickelodeon's Planet Sheen

On Saturday, October 2nd, Nickelodeon is returning to some of its earliest Boy Genius roots with Planet Sheen. As you may remember, Sheen Estevez was a cast member on Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Now, Nick is giving him his own spin off series, via Omation Animation Studios and O Entertainment — even going so far as bringing Jeff Garcia back to voice the character. When Sheen accidentally uses Jimmy’s top secret rocketship to blast himself into outer space, he suddenly finds himself 4 million (and one!) light years away on planet Zeenu. There, Sheen must work with the purple Zeenuians, like Doppy, Emperor, and Nesmith, while confronting (and often battling) the villainous Dorkus. Take a look at the teaser trailer, and let us know what you think


[Source: Thanks to ToonBarner Jace for the heads up!]

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