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Kung Fu Panda: The Series starts production

Kung Fu Panda: The Series starts production

Nickelodeon has had tremendous success with the hit series The Penguins of Madagascar, based on the DreamWorks Animation film franchise Madagascar. Now, they’re taking that same logic and applying it to another DreamWorks movie, Kung Fu Panda, giving us the creatively named Kung Fu Panda: The Series. We’d heard about this awhile ago, but can now finally confirm that the show is in production. The series, which will be produced at Nickelodeon’s Animation Studios by Cheryl Holliday, hopes to grab at least special guest appearances of all the original movie cast, though the rumor now is they’ll be using sound-alikes to replace the celebrity voices, like Jack Black and Angelina Jolie. Be sure to stay TOONed right here for more updates.


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