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Legend of Korra: Book 2’s Final Trailer Released

legend of korra book 2 trailer

After the long wait, Avatar fans can finally continue bearing witness to the latest Avatar’s story as book 2 of The Legend of Korra will officially make its debut on Friday, September 13, at 7 PM on Nickelodeon. Season 2 will pick up six months after the events in the first season, with Korra making her way to the South Pole in order to explore the Southern Water Tribe. Additionally, it is said that the focus will be on the mystical “Spirit World” and the history of the Avatar lineage.

New additions to the cast include Steven Yuen, who plays Glenn in The Walking Dead, as the first Avatar Wan. 2 episodes will be devoted to tackling the first Avatar’s story from 10 thousand years ago. Dexter’s James Remar will also join the cast as Korra’s father, Tonraq. Aubrey Plaza and Aaron Himelstein will play a pair of waterbending twins and Lisa Edelstein will play the role of Aang and Katara’s daughter, Kya. You can check out the extended trailer below:

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