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More info on Cartoon Network’s Punch Time Explosion for Nintendo 3DS

More info on Cartoon Network's Punch Time Explosion for Nintendo 3DS

A few weeks back, ToonBarn teased the story of Cartoon Network’s upcoming fighting game Punch Time Explosion, that followed in the footsteps of TMNT Fighters and Super Smash Bros. by pitting 18 CN’s characters against one another. (Coincidentally, just days ago, ToonBarn broke with the story about Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl 2 — these toons must all hate each other!!). Now, as we get closer to the June 7th release date of Cartoon networks up-and-coming fighting game, made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS (which, again coincidentally, ToonBarn is GIVING AWAY FOR FREE), Crave Entertainment and Papaya Studios are releasing a bit more info on the game. Check out the teaser trailer!


Samurai Jack Punch Time Explosion
Samurai Jack

PowerPuff Girls Punch Time Explosion
PowerPuff Girls

Vilgax Punch Time Explosion

Flapjack Punch Time Explosion

Chowder and Dexter Punch Time Explosion
Chowder and Dexter

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Punch Time Explosion
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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