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Ni Hao, Kai-lan toys

Ni Hao, Kai-lan

Well how about Ni Hao, Kai-lan toys, you want some of those, too? Deal! Nickelodeon promises a full range of products based on Kai-lan and her animal pals including: plush toys, blocks, interactive dolls, board games, and electronic products from LeapFrog.

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um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

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When can we see some Kai-lan products. My daughter loves her and you can’t find anything, but DVD’s anywhere!!! I was also wanting to have her birthday be a Kai-lan one…PLEASE HELP!!!!

mary…. check out ebay, they have some kai-lan clothes, edible cake images, invitations, pinata favors etc … also, nickjr shop will have kai-lan mega bloks release date 6/30/09 … hope this helps

Hey cpierre go to ebay and type in Kai-lan and there is tons of part supplies. I wants Kai lan dolls for my adopted grandaughter from China

I know. My daughter will be 3 on June 27th. We are having a Ni-Hao, Kai-lan party for her as well and honestly, I had to improvise a lot! I printed out kai-lan pictures from the nick jr. website and brought them to my local Stop-n-Shop where they print the pics out on sugar sheets for me to put on my daughter’s cake. We are doing individual cupcakes as well. As far as party favors, I went to Oriental Trading and found some chinese items, bookmarks, bracelets, and chinese drums. They are cute and they go with the theme. I made the invitations myself as I am a graphic designer. I just used images off of the nick jr. website and used them on the invitations for her party. I am going to go to my local mandarin restaurant and pick up some finger foods for the party. Spring Rolls are very good and most children are open to eating them or at least trying something new and all kids love fortune cookies so I will be picking up a bunch of those as well. I am going to make some plain rice and possibly some other recipes from nick and other sites with easy recipes. With a little imagination… so much can be accomplished. I have never once spent over $50.00 to put my children’s parties together because we are all so creative. If you need any help, let me know! I’d be happy to help you out!

Hi Amanda,
I too am planning a Kai-Lan party for my daughter who will turn 4 in Nov. tell me how the party goes and send me pictures and other ideas if possible.

Amanda – My daughter is turning 2 and the party is June 21. She want Kai-Lan. I’m bummed that the Mega Bloks is not released until 6/30 because I was going to use the figures on the cake. Nick Jr hasn’t licensed the rights for any bakeries to use the images on cakes other than the sugar sheet.

I like the fortune cookie idea. Oriential Trading company too is good one. The party is at a splash park though so we can’t really do decorations.

I think Niao Hao Kailan is a cute show and it is quite educational. My daugther had a birthday party with her last week it went great. I made the cards myself and used images from nick junior’s website. I also used fortune cookies, and egg rolls and rice. Also this chicken and brochely dish that the kids love! Its a japanese recipie I got from Nick Junior surprisingly the kids loved it! Who knew a kid could like brochly? I bought a Lady-bug tent and the kids played niao hao kailan goes camping.Because on an episode of Niao Hao Kailan she went camping with all her friends in a lady bug tent! When I saw the episode I thought it would be a great game for them to play and each of them chose a character to be! Oh it was so cute they loved it! Also each of the kids came dressed up as a chacter they wanted to be at the party. My daugther dressed up as Niao Kailan of course. We also played pin the tail on Mentu, (Kailan’s tiger friend) We played another game where whoever filled up the japanese laterns (Like the lanterns in the photo) above with red flowers (Like in kailans hair)untill the lantern is completely full with flowers. Whoever filled it up to the top first won a japanese lantern in a color of their choice. THe kids loved,it afterward they started hanging up the lanterns decorating the lanterns all over the wall. LIke Niao Hao would decorate her house. All in all I thought I did a pretty good job for the party it was a success! Niao Hao Kailan is a great educational show, it teaches you to share, and to express what your feeling. Be kind to others! Work together! She even teaches kids japanese! Great show!

nia hao kailan is so ckute .! i lyke hur show bcuz she teaches lil kids stuff .! i lyke nia hao kailan nd hurr frnds .! well keep uhp the gud work nia hao kailan .!

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