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Nickelodeon brings Rango to theaters

Nickelodeon brings Rango to theaters

In three weeks time, we’ll be Rango-ing about the ToonBarn offices, preparing ourselves for the Nickelodeon and Paramount film set to hit theaters on March 4th. Starring Johnny Depp, Rango tells the story of a former-pet chameleon who hits the old west styled town of Dirt to become the sheriff. Unfortunately, the town has a long history of bad things happening to the lawmen. Industrial Light & Magic is heavily involved in the film, which marks the first time in over 35 years the famous studio (known for work on the Star Wars flicks) has been involved with an animated movie. Perhaps Rango has the Force!

Rango breathes fire

Rango finds love

Rango flees

Sad Owls

Rango sun


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