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Nickelodeon Launches Mike The Knight

Nickelodeon Launches Mike The Knight

This coming Friday, February 3 at exactly 10:30 AM, Nickelodeon will launch a new CG animated series targeted towards preschoolers. Entitled “Mike The Knight”, the show 26×30 adventure series aims to teach children the importance of perseverance and friendship, as they follow an errant knight-in-training named Mike, whose job is to protect his kingdom. Following the debut of the series, new episodes will start airing regularly on Nickelodeon Monday, February 6 through Thursday, February 9 at 12 PM.

“Mike the Knight will take preschoolers on a journey of discovery through a medieval world filled with dynamic characters and imaginative stories,” said Teri Weiss, SVP, Nickelodeon Preschool. “The series will inspire and empower preschoolers to always try their best, continuously grow, and work hard to accomplish their goals.”

Mike The Knight is created by Lunar Jim’s Alexander Barr, and penned by Marc Seal of Bob The Builder. The series is co-produced by HIT Entertainment and Nelvana Studio.

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