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Planet Sheen launches October 2nd on Nickelodeon

Planet Sheen launches October 2nd on Nickelodeon

In about a week, on October 2nd, Nickelodeon will introduce a spin off to their classic Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius series — one of the most popular of all time. The new toon stars Sheen Estevez, Jimmy’s best pal, who accidentally blasts himself into space on a distant planet. With all this in mind, the series is appropriately titled Planet Sheen. On the planet Zeenu, and while waiting for his space craft to be repaired, Sheen makes a life with the Zeenuians. Meanwhile, an evil space villain named Dorkus is fixated on desotrying Sheen, whose crash to the planet destroyed his house. But with the help of his new friends like Doppy (who looks exactly like Carl Weezer), Emperor (the ruler of Zeenu) and Nesmith (a talking chimp), Sheen always manages to get by. Watch this clip of the toon in action, then check out the debut next Saturday!


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