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Planeta Junior to Represent Anubis in Italy

Planeta Junior to Represent Anubis in Italy

Planeta Junior recently inked a deal with Studio 100 for the rights to represent the hit live series ANUBIS in Italy. Dubbed as a “Mystery Live Action” series targeted towards teenagers, Anubis was originally ordered by Nickelodeon and easily garnered positive audience reaction during its first few episodes.

Anubis follows a girl named Nina, who is an American student who moved to a mysterious old house in Britain, where she started living with other students. Nina’s arrival to the house coincides with the mysterious disappearance of another student named Joy, resulting in the rest of the residents being suspicious of her. In order to prove her innocence, Nina must try to uncover mystery after mystery until she discovers an ancient Egyptian treasure hidden underneath her school.

The first season was aired on Nickelodeon, Sky Channel 605 and 606, since last October 2011. The second season, which has already proven to be as popular as the previous one, will be on air in Italy next Autumn 2012 on Nickelodeon. A third season is currently under production by Studio 100 for Nickelodeon.

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