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Rango commercial appears at Super Bowl XLV

Rango commercial appears at Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t quite a holiday, but maybe it should be. At least enough so to get us all the day off on the following Super Bowl Monday! But if there’s one reason why we’re more than happy to head to school and work the next day, it’s to chat about all the awesome commercial spots that aired the night before during the game. The case of Super Bowl XLV is no different, with Rango making a star appearance around half time. The CG film, a joint venture between Nickelodeon Movies, Blind Wink, GK Films, Industrial Light & Magic, and Paramount Pictures, stars Johnny Depp as the voice of Rango, a pet chameleon who ventures to an Old West town called Dirt. It’s there that he must prove himself a hero, or dying trying. Check out the trailer commercial spot!


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