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The Smurfs get Smurfy on the big screen July 29

The Smurfs get Smurfy on the big screen July 29

Finally, after all this Smurfing time, we’ll be able to see The Smurfs on the big screen this summer. It’s been about 25 years since the little blue guys became Saturday Morning cartoon icons, but we were patient. When Kerner, Paramount and Nickelodeon were promising a movie ten years ago, we were patient. After Columbia and Sony got together to take control in 2008, we stayed patient. You’d think Gargamel was involved! Sprinkle in a handful of delays, contract issues, and a revolving release date, and things are now, finally, about to get Smurfy. The film hits the big screen in HD and 3D this July 29th, in a hybrid live-action and CG animated comedy, all set to reintroduce Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy, Gutsy, Grouchy, Brainy, Handy, Jokey, Hefty, Vanity, Greedy, Baker, and Chef to the world. Check out the teaser trailer



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