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The Last Airbender Movie brings Nickelodeon’s Avatar to theaters TODAY

The Last Airbender Movie brings Nickelodeon's Avatar to theaters TODAY

It’s Air, it’s Water, it’s Earth, it’s Fire, and it’s in 3D. M. Night Shyamalan is bringing the magic and mystery of Nickelodeon’s Avatar to the big screen today, finally, with the launch of the highly anticipated The Last Airbender. The film tells the story of Aang; the only individual on the planet with the power to manipulate all four elements, and it’s up to him to wield those abilities, as the Avatar, to save the day. This will serve as the opening chapter into the anime-based title, with a potential trilogy to follow, based on the success of this one. Local theaters in my area have already sold out the opening shows, with hordes of fans lining up to get their first look. Who is going this weekend??

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