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Toei Animation gets new Dragon Ball Z toys in Brazil

Toei Animation gets new Dragon Ball Z toys in Brazil

The Dragon Ball universe has had a great deal of attention lately. Just recently, Dragon Ball Z Kai was picked up to air weekdays on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons starting May 24th. Just a few days later, TheCW4Kids announced that it would be airing Dragon Ball Z Kai during weekends starting later this fall, on the newly re-branded Saturday morning lineup Toonzai. Now, Toei Animation is ready to announce a whole series of deals connected to manga and anime world of DBZ. In Brazil, Algazarra and DTM have each signed on to produce a new series of action figures and toys, showcasing each of the characters. Richtex has also agreed to produce a number of bath and beach towels for the toon. Staying dry and staging fights is a pretty lethal combo, if you ask us!

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  1. Abby Abby

    I had a lot of these! Of course, I didn’t have nlarey as many as you do, but I had quite the extensive collection as well! Unlike many people who post here, I still have mine, but packed away in my garage. I hope someday in the future I will open them and it will bring back so many memories! Though I didn’t have as many as you did, I did have some that I saw you didn’t have! Because Hasbro had a very wide variety of dbz action figures thats where we differ.

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