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Universal HOPs to the top of the box office

Universal HOPs to the top of the box office

With an estimated $38 million dollars during this weekend’s box office blitz, it looks like Universal has a Golden Egg on it’s hands, with Hop! The new film, a hybrid mix of live action and CG, hatched the highest-grossing weekend of 2011 so far, narrowly topping Nickelodeon’s Rango. And all this, still three weeks prior to the actual Easter holiday, so it looks like HOP might have long legs! …er… paws? Boasting a modest budget of $65 million (meager compared to Rango’s $135 million budget) the film will likely start earning a profit in just it’s second or third week of release, which is pretty impressive. Take a look at the full box office report, and let us know how many of you were part of this weekend’s movie-going?

Hop – $38,118,000
Source Code – $15,053,000
Insidious – $13,496,000
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – $10,200,000
Limitless – $9,402,000
The Lincoln Lawyer – $7,050,000
Sucker Punch – $6,085,000
Rango – $4,560,000
Paul – $4,335,000
Battle: Los Angeles – $3,500,000
The Adjustment Bureau – $2,204,000
Red Riding Hood – $1,815,000

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