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Voltron Force: Brains Review

King Lotor in Samurai Armor on Balto

If the Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur in our lifetimes, it may as well be started with a Haggarium infestation in the most technological area of the Galaxy. Planet Balto is the focus of this Voltron Force episode (Voltron Force: Episode 16: Brains). Balto is Pidge’s home Planet, and his brother Chip still lives there. So do a ton of other Ninja Scientists. That’s right. They’re Scientists, who also happen to be Ninjas. And, in case you were thinking that’s as weird as it gets, hold on to your… brains.

Pidge Contacts His Brother Chip, but has to leave a message

Pidge has been trying to contact his brother on Balto, with no luck. Hunk asks him what is bothering his “little buddy”. Pidge says that it has been a week, and his brother hasn’t contacted him back. In fact, he can’t reach anybody on Balto. Hunk thinks he should talk to Keith. Keith confirms that there have been no transmissions coming from Balto. Bad news, since it is a planet based on technology. So, if you have a planet full of butt-kicking geniuses, to have no contact with them means something is very wrong. The Voltron Force decides they must investigate. Everyone heads for the Lions, and they take off for Balto.

Voltron Force Lions head to Balto

When they arrive on Balto, nobody is there. Not one person is found in the City Square. Lance asks Pidge where his brother lives. Downtown, is the answer. Pidge starts to lead them downtown, but the Lions are attacked by hundreds of Ninja Throwing Stars. Dozens upon dozens of Ninjas, with their Chameleon suits activated so they remain invisible, are throwing Ninja Stars at the Lions, and the Voltron Force can’t figure out why. Keith suggests they find a more remote area and figure this out. Pidge says it is too crowded, and they might crush the people with the Lions. The Ninja’s suddenly appear, and Vince thinks they are Zombies. Pidge disagrees. He suggests they go out on foot, and find out what happened to these people.

Everyone on Balto has turned into Ninja Zombies

Pidge gets out of his Lion and thinks the Ninjas are trying to tell him something. All he hears is “Brains!”, and a lot of moaning and groaning. Vince is definitely convinced they are Zombies now. He almost gets grabbed by one of them, and Pidge manages to save him. He tells Vince they cannot harm them, because they are still Baltans. They must be infected with some kind of virus. Pidge lets Vince know he’s got Vince covered. Vince said he would feel safer with the rest of the team, who start fighting the Zombies. Pidge tells the team not to hurt the Baltans. Keith doesn’t know how else to defend themselves, as the Zombies have them all surrounded. Pidge’s response is, “RUN!”

Voltron Force becomes surrounded by Ninja Scientist Zombies

As they run away on foot, it appears as if they had given the Zombies the slip, which makes Larmina think they are slow and dumb. Vince sees them jumping from roof to roof, all over the city, and he knows better. They’re Ninja Scientist Zombies! They need to run…again. They head for a Shopping Mall, and Vince remembers every zombie movie he’s ever seen. It’s Zombie 101 – never go into a mall when you are being chased by Zombies. They get in and close the doors, but the Ninjas throw exploding stars at the doors, and the doors explode, allowing the Zombies to chase after them again. Larmina and Allura notice they keep seeing the same stores over and over again. Vince thinks it’s a zombie trap – shoppers go in, but they can’t come out. Somehow, in the confusion, Pidge and Vince get separated from the others. Another broken law from zombie movies.

Pidge throws Ninja Smart Stars

Pidge tells Vince to get behind him, because he knows how to stop Ninjas. He throws a single throwing star at the group of zombies coming after them. As the star flies through the air, it splits into several throwing stars and hits several of the Ninja Zombies on the collar, pinning them to the wall. One of the zombies stuck to the wall is bewildered, and in a humorous moment, calls out, “Brains?” After Pidge knocks back all of the Zombies with his “smart stars”, Vince takes back what he said earlier. He would much rather be with Pidge when they are running from Ninja Scientist Zombies. They both head for Chip’s apartment.

Daniel gets captured

Meanwhile, the other Voltron Force members are still on the run from the Zombies. Daniel does something stupid and stops, because he thinks they are harmless. This, of course, breaks another law of zombie movies, and he is immediately captured and taken away by two of the zombies. As the others chase after him to try to get him back, the two zombies holding Daniel get away and disappear. Lance has had enough. He says they should get back to the Lions. The rest of the Force agrees.

Pidge and Vince finally reach Chip’s apartment, and realizing he’s not there, Pidge locks his Voltcom onto the signal on Chip’s chameleon suit. Vince is still jittery about going after Zombies, but Pidge is determined to find his brother and get to the bottom of this whole zombie thing.

Zombies distracted by Lotor

The rest of the team has made it back to the Lions, but something has distracted the Zombie Ninjas, and they now scatter out of the way of the Lions. The team wonders what scared them away, and after some fog and mist gathers and dissipates, they get their answer. King Lotor, in his Samurai armor. Lotor stands before the Lions, scrapes his sword against the ground, and says, “Long have I waited for this moment.” Hunk, in his infinite wisdom, says, “Who talks like that?” (Perhaps Yoda) Lotor admits he did not have sufficient power to beat Voltron Force in the past, but now he has it. He forms himself into a giant Samurai Robeast.

Lotor becomes a Samurai Robeast

Lotor doesn’t want to fight the Lions. He wants Voltron. To fight them at less than full power would be a disgrace, according to Lotor. So, the Voltron Force takes the hint and forms Voltron.

Lions form Voltron

Lotor Samurai Robeast Attacks Voltron

While Voltron engages Lotor in battle, Pidge and Vince are following the signature of Chip’s chameleon suit, and run into what appears to be a dead end. Pidge notices what appears to be an elevator. It activates, and Pidge and Vince are transported several stories down, very fast, until they land in a heap at the bottom. While walking around, they notice several chambers that have Baltans locked inside, with helmets on their heads attached to hoses. They all glow with a violet color similar to Haggarium. Speaking of Haggarium, Pidge and Vince come upon an old friend down here… Maahox. Maahox is perfectly aware of their presence, and starts talking to them. He mentions that for a Ninja, Pidge sure makes a noisy entrance. Pidge starts to go after him, but Maahox warns him that if he makes one move, he’ll pull the “kill” switch, and all of his Baltan friends will be history. Pidge asks what he’s doing to his people. Maahox tells him he is mining their brains for information.

Maahox mining Ninja Brains for Information about Voltron

Oh, he’s also turning them into Haggarium-infused zombies, which is a small side effect. Pidge wants to know what information the Baltans could possibly have that Maahox wants. Maahox is surprised to know that Pidge does not know about his own people’s history. Here comes a whopper of a piece of information. Everybody listening? The ancient Baltans were responsible for the original programming for Voltron. As soon as he has all the information from the mining of the Baltans’ brains, he will have enough information to know how to power down Voltron… forever.

Maahox tells Pidge and Vince about Voltron's Origins

As he says all this, another group of Baltans have completed their mining, and have jumped out of their chambers. Maahox tells them to go fetch him more brains. Vince is relieved to know that they were never going to EAT their brains. But, Maahox reminds him that the brains of the Voltron Force might come in handy. He says this as two zombies drag Daniel in, unconscious, and strap him to a table.

Unconscious Daniel Gets Strapped In

Pidge tries to call the Voltron Force on his Voltcom, but Maahox tells him they are a little preoccupied. Yes, preoccupied with a battle with a Samurai Robeast. Voltron can’t seem to match the martial arts moves made by the Samurai Robeast. Allura says Voltron wasn’t designed to fight in close quarters like this. Lance says they need a new strategy. Larmina suggests they try a new power. She thinks they should fight fire with fire. Voltron needs to use martial arts like Kung Fu, Capoeira, Ju Jitsu, and whatever else will work. Hunk thinks it’s a good idea in theory, but it’s not in Voltron’s bag of tricks. Larmina reminds them that Voltron never had the speed boost until Daniel plugged into him with his Voltcom. Larmina plugs into Voltron with her Voltcom, and as she does so, she calls out, “Butt-Kick Boost!” Voltron surges with a new energy, and starts using martial arts fighting moves against Lotor’s Samurai Robeast. The most effective move yet is a roundhouse kick that sends the Robeast falling back hard.

Voltron, with Larmina Charge, gives roundhouse kick to Lotor

Lotor’s Robeast pulls out a sword. Voltron responding by forming Blazing Sword. They begin to face off again.

Meanwhile, Pidge and Vince are getting surrounded by Zombies again. Pidge pulls out his smart stars, and starts plowing down the zombies. Even Maahox remarks about how Pidge’s Ninja skills are impressive. Maahox sees more zombies coming in and steps away from his control board. (Not sure why) This gives Vince a chance to come in and attch himself to the control board and try to reverse the effects of the Haggarium.

Vince tries to reverse Haggarium effect

While Voltron and the Samurai Robeast battle it out with swords, Voltron knocks back the Robeast to give some room for another new Larmina power. She calls out, “Blazing Katana!”, and a new Katana Sword appears in Voltron’s left hand.

Blazing Katana Voltron

With this new sword, Voltron is able to slice Lotor’s sword in half, then bring both swords crashing down on Lotor’s head with extreme force. This knocks him out, and a swift kick from Voltron puts him down for good.

Lotor gets Pwned by Katana Voltron

Lotor shrinks down to his normal size. He calls Maahox, and tells him the plan backfired, and they must evacuate immediately. Maahox runs toward his ship.

Vince is finally able to reverse the effects. All of the zombies become normal Baltan citizens again. Chip takes off his hood and asks Pidge what he is doing there. And where are they? Vince tells him they are in an underground brain farm, as he unties an awake Daniel. He says they were all turned into zombies. Chip can’t believe it. Ninja Scientist Zombies? That’s just ridiculous.

Pidge's brother Chip is back to normal

As the other Voltron Force members arrive, Larmina tells Daniel and Vince about how she plugged into Voltron and used all these cool fighting moves. Pidge explained to the others about how Maahox used some kind of brain vacuum to suck information from the Baltans about Voltron’s programming, because the ancient Baltans had a hand in the programming of Voltron. Keith wants to know how much information Maahox was able to collect before Vince was able to shut it down. Vince tells him it looked like he was about halfway done. Pidge says Maahox may know things about Voltron that they don’t even know. Scary, huh?

Maahox has 50% of Voltron's Programming

With the knowledge he gained about Voltron from the Baltans, Maahox thinks Voltron is certainly an interesting giant robot.

No argument there.

Tune into Nicktoons on Sunday, November 27 (Due to Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday), where you will get to see Nicktoons’ first Voltron Force Marathon, starting at 12PM EST building to a premiere of an all new episode at 9PM EST, “Ghost in the Lion”, featuring the return of Sven! That’s right! Sven Lives. Can’t wait for that one.

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I am a Big Fan of all types of animation. Like a lot of things, the cream always rises to the top. My favorites have included Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, anything Pixar, Phineas and Ferb, Voltron Legendary Defender, and the DC/WB Animated Films. I have a lot of Old School favorites as well, such as Star Blazers, Voltron, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby Doo.

By Marc Morrell

I am a Big Fan of all types of animation. Like a lot of things, the cream always rises to the top. My favorites have included Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, anything Pixar, Phineas and Ferb, Voltron Legendary Defender, and the DC/WB Animated Films. I have a lot of Old School favorites as well, such as Star Blazers, Voltron, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby Doo.

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