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Voltron Force: Joyride of Doom Interactive Review

Voltron Force: Joyride of Doom Interactive Review

Voltron Force: Joyride of Doom Interactive Review

The Producers of Voltron Force promised us that Joyride of Doom would be a game-changer in the Voltron Force Series. They weren’t kidding! If you were thinking this is your old Voltron, and/or just rehashed as Voltron Force, you were sadly mistaken about a great many things. Back in 1984, were you able to simultaneously watch Voltron and send tweets back and forth with the Producers of the show, getting instant information about what you were watching? No! Back in 1984, could you have had complete access to the same episode you watched, less than 12 hours later, either on the web or downloaded to iTunes? No! Back in 1984, could you spend the whole week in between episodes debating with people all over the world about whether King Lotor will ever get over his obsession with Allura, because you are connecting with people through Facebook, Twitter, a thousand blog sites, and most importantly, ToonBarn? No! This whole interactive experience is a game-changer, not to mention the Toys, Video Games, Conventions, and other good stuff that is coming with this franchise. DON’T CALL IT A TV SHOW! It’s much more than that. Take a look here at reasons why

Voltron Force

But let’s get back to what makes us happy to get lost in this world for 30 minutes every week, shall we? As an added treat, I will be inserting the actual tweets from @Voltron (the official Voltron twitter account) directly into the review, so you’ll know what it’s like to live the interactive experience as I did.

Joyride of Doom starts off with Pidge reviewing data with the team about the violet-colored unstable substance from the Robeast they had defeated (thanks to Vince) in Episode 3 .

The #Voltron Force is reviewing footage from the battle at the end of Episode 3 with the Spider and Wade’s Lion.

Pidge thinks it would be nice to have some of that substance to analyze (maybe they’d be able to defend against it?). Nice to see that they are keeping with the continuity of the storyline for those people that follow it every week, and yet they still make it an action-packed single story for those people who are just seeing it for the first time.
While they are watching Pidge’s presentation, they are sitting in chairs made from a hologram.

Ever sat in a holo-chair? Delightful. #Voltron


The Cadets, especially Daniel, are bored with “training” and want to get some “solo” time in the Lions. They are disappointed to be given Navigation Chart learning instead. Using Daniel’s super-speed power from his Voltcom, they steal the keys to Black, Blue, and Red Lions, and use their “chart learning” to head to Planet Doom to see if they can obtain a sample of the “dark energy”.

#Voltron Some fun scenes of the cadets playing hide and seek with the Lions were cut here due to time. Maybe they will be on a DVD someday

When the Cadets reach Planet Doom, they attempt to land the Lions in a canyon (while they head to the castle on foot), so they are not found by Lotor, but that backfires, as Maahox has agents everywhere (I swear they look like Orcs).

Planet Doom has taken steps to boost tourism to no avail #Voltron

King Lotor on a re-building Planet Doom

We find out from Maahox that the “dark energy” making Lotor powerful is called Haggarium, and that it is unstable and has “side effects” (Lotor may lose that power at any time, or he may have bumps all over his body). By the way, all of the voice-acting talent on this show is terrific, but I especially like Ron Halder’s portrayal of Maahox. He is so formal and eloquent, yet so sinister. You get the sense that he despises the fact that he has to deal with Lotor, but Lotor is a necessary tool in his evil plans.

#Voltron Haggarium should sound familiar to classic #Voltron fans who remember the evil Witch Haggar.

The Cadets attempt to climb a crane, used to aide in the re-building construction, to get to the castle.

#Voltron Castle Doom is still under construction from the damage

Thought not keen on aesthetics, Doom makes a sturdy crane. Or does it? #Voltron

However, Lotor brings the crane crashing down, as he loses his power temporarily, and finds out that it’s children (Cadets) that have invaded his planet, and not the original members of the Voltron Force, and captures the Cadets. Maahox uses his “all-seeing-eye” to display the location of the Lions in Shadow Moon Canyon.

Maahox Floating Eye

With his floating eye, Maahox is no fun to play cards with #Voltron

Realizing that the defenses at Planet Arus are down to only 2 Lions, Lotor orders his Commander to assemble a full attack on Arus. Pidge alerts the team that they are being attacked and more importantly, that they are 3 lions short of forming Voltron, as nobody on the team knows the whereabouts of the Cadets.

#Voltron Whoa! With the lions gone, Lotor is launching an all out attack on Planet Arus!

While the Cadets are captive, Maahox uses the opportunity to inspect their Voltcoms, which he recognizes as having the same “mystical technology” as Voltron. While exposing the Voltcoms to Haggarium, he notices that Vince’s has a unique “spectral signature”, and he wants to find out the source of Vince’s power. I think Daniel is realizing here that even though they found out about the Haggarium, it was probably worse that Maahox and Lotor found out about Vince’s special power. He is starting to learn that his impatience and need for action are indeed character flaws unworthy of a Voltron Force team member.

With Pidge and Hunk in their Lions, and Allura manning the Castle’s defenses, Lance and Keith use some interesting Voltcom powers to fight off the tanks and ground troops.

#Voltron Some great Voltcom action here. Lance: Hot Hands/Magma Pistols, Keith: Dual Mini-Blazing Swords

Lance and Keith using their Voltcoms

While the Planet Doom troops are keeping Voltron Force busy, Lotor goes after the “prize” he has wanted for years: Princess Allura.

Classic #Voltron fans know Lotor has always had a thing for Allura as she looks like his human mother. Yes he has issues.

Lotor surprises Allura

Allura still the apple of Lotor’s eye! #Voltron

Meanwhile, our Cadets free themselves, thanks to Larmina, but not before Maahox discovers that Vince is a descendent of the creators of Voltron. On their way out, Vince grabs a capsule containing a sample of Haggarium. They take the Lions and head back to Arus to help Voltron Force.

By this point, Lotor has captured Princess Allura, and tells his Commander to take her in the shuttle, back to his Flagship. Meanwhile, he fights off Lance and Keith, and Green & Yellow Lions, with virtual ease.

#Voltron jacked up on Haggarium, Lotor finds superhuman strength. alas

The Cadets arrive in the other Lions, and Lance and Keith do something I enjoyed…in a split-screen shot, they both say to their Cadet counterparts inside the cockpit of each Lion, “MOVE OVER!!”

Princess Allura is quickly rescued by Larmina in Blue Lion. Then, they do something everyone loves… form Voltron!

Keith: Activate Interlocks. Dyno-therms, connected. Infra-cells, Up! Mega Thrusters are GO!
Collectively: Let’s Go Voltron Force!
(Lions Roar)
Keith: Form Feet and Legs! Form Arms and Body! And I’ll Form The Head!


That whole sequence is a thing of beauty… it brings chills all over.

Well, in the past, before Game-Changer-land, you would have thought it was over for King Lotor and the Drule Army, now that they formed Voltron.

Think again.

Voltron tries to stomp on Lotor, and just ties up the leg and pulls, sending Voltron on his back, where he’s surrounded by tanks that throw a Haggarium net over him, rendering him unable to move. Then Lotor grabs a saw off one of the tanks, and proceeds to cut Voltron in half. The Voltron Force is stunned, wondering how this is possible. Lotor then cuts off the blue arm, the green leg, and the yellow leg, before setting his sights on the Red Lion, in which we see Vince and Lance.

Whoa! Lotor just sawed into #Voltron! Is this the end?

It’s at this point, where all hope seems lost, that the game changes. Vince’s eyes start glowing again, and all of the sudden, Lotor is unable to penetrate the Red Lion’s armor. As if by magic, Voltron pulls himself together.

Voltron pulls himself together

He-reforms into Voltron again. This time, it’s Red Lion who becomes the head, while Black Lion is the right arm. Well, being the head of Voltron makes Lance incredibly happy, and as he starts to say, “Form blazing…”, instead of a sword, it’s Blazing Guns.

Amazing new formation of #Voltron here! So Red can be the head?! Cool, huh? Red Center

Whoa!! Voltron uses the guns to knock out the tanks, and hits a direct shot on King Lotor, destroying him (so we think).

#Voltron is using dual Magma Pistols to take out those Drule Tanks

Red-headed Voltron with Magma Guns

We return back to Planet doom to see Maahox use the last of the Haggarium to re-generate King Lotor once again. King Lotor is very angry and wants maahox to get more Haggarium so he can defeat the Voltron Force.

#Voltron King Lotor has been regenerated like an extra life in a videogame. Seems to be crazier though

Lotor Respawns

Back at the castle on Arus, our Cadets are given the 3rd degree for stealing the Lions and going against orders. However, Vince says the mission was actually a success, as he shows them the capsule of Haggarium.


As a punishment, the cadets are required to wash the Lions, by hand. With that, we received our last 2 tweets from @Voltron.

#Voltron Can you imagine having to wash a robot lion? That must take all day! #Voltron

When washing a robot lion, use a soft cloth and microfiber towel for drying. #Voltron

I hope you enjoyed reviewing this episode, with the tweets from the Producers of Voltron Force included, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it interactively last Thursday Night.

Next week’s episode: The Hunkyard

Great episode of #Voltron Force! Join us next week for a new episode “The Hunkyard” on Nicktoons!

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