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Voltron Panthera Force

Voltron Panthera Force

At a recent presentation of it’s upcoming awesomeness, Nickelodeon vowed to introduce the world to Voltron Panthera Force, the latest edition of the Voltron franchise. The franchise has seen many incarnations in it’s 30 years of cartoons, hitting high notes in the mid 80s with the Voltron Lion Squad. The new series, like the original, will follow a group of five young cadets who are brought together to form a newly appointed team dubbed the “Panthera Force.” The series will be produced by World Events Productions, the company that produced the original series, in conjunction with Kick Start Production, as the pair aim to get it ready for Nicktoons later this fall.

Check out the intro to the 80s series – oh, and by the way, that voice over? Transformer’s own Optimus Prime.

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