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WATCH – Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Trailer

Nickelodeon has recently announced a new movie TV special for the iconic animated series Hey Arnold!, titled Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie and given a November 24, 7PM screening date. While that’s still far away enough that people should be able to open up their schedule, those who will still miss it will have another chance via an encore airing on November 25 and December 1 at 12AM on TeenNick.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie will have a runtime of 2 hours and will feature a new story involving Arnold and the gang going on a trip into a deep jungle. The special promises to address one of the longest running mysteries in the show: what happened to Arnold’s missing parents? The resolution to this mystery makes the special a must-watch for any longtime Hey Arnold! fan.

The movie is co-written and executive produced by the show’s original creator, Craig Bartlett, and will feature a mix of new and returning voices from the original show. Returning original voice cast members include Francesca Marie Smith (The Prince of Egypt) as Helga and Anndi McAfee (The Soup) as Phoebe. New cast members will include Mason Vale Cotton (Mad Men) as Arnold and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. (Ride Along) as Gerald. The original voices of Arnold (Lane Toran) and Gerald (Jamil Walker Smith) will make appearances in supporting roles as two members of a boat crew. Famed actor Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, Frida) will voice the movie’s villain, Lasombra.

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