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Winx Club heads to Nickelodeon (No more CW4Kids or Toonzai?)

Winx Club heads to Nickelodeon (No more CW4Kids or Toonzai?)

After years of Magix on 4Kids television (from FoxBox to 4KidsTV to CW4Kids) it appears that the Winx Club is moving their way over to Nickelodeon. We knew it was coming; the new 4Kids Saturday morning block, dubbed Toonzai, appears to have a lineup solely geared to boys. Now, in an effort to bring the female based iCarly audience to the world of animation, Nickelodeon has big plans for our favorite magical fairies! In addition to getting all existing seasons and the two animated films, Nick and Rainbow will co-produce seasons five and six of Winx Club, set to air on Nick in early 2012. But just as when Nick got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 4Kids, they’re not delaying in bringing you content! In 2011, Nickelodeon will introduce four one-hour specials based on the first four seasons of the series. That will give fans, old and new alike, a chance to hang out with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and Layla!

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

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FINALLY i’m so happy winx is FINALLY coming back i’m so siked i was pissed when i heard tht it might not be coming to america but i’m thrilled to hear tht it’s finally coming

Yeah ! Winx is back ! I also knew that the series was and is now in Nickelodeon Germany and Nickelodeon Netherlands. There it was a big celebration in Germany and also they presented the first film ” Winx Club …” on the Dutch Nickelodeon and also soon on the 17th October on Nickelodeon GErmany . Winx club on Nickelodeon Germany , Nickelodeon Dutch and also on Nickelodeon AMerica . That is amazing !!!

I am so excited ^^
Winx club is my favorite and most oldest show I ever watched and I’m glad they are coming back here in America soon. And I’m excited that they are planning on making season 5 and 6 ^^, I just can’t wait.

winx club is so great im glad its coming back the countdown stopped at 4 it was weird i started at season 2 i watched season 4 on youtube but not on tv this is so exciting!

The Last Fairy on Earth is the 8th Fairy of Alfea Called Victoria “Tori” McBill

Name: Tori
Blaze Authority: Gibraltar, UK, Earth
Power Source: Directions
Catchphrase: “North, South, East, West and Beyond!!”

“This Stinks! Those winx are Amatures! I am Really their Prank Master, Especially for the Trix, Icy, Darcy and Stormy!!!!!!!!!!! and if I’m Their Prank Master, I Can Prank Alfea and the Cloud Tower and Gardenia as Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” replied Stanley G.P. to WCVQ Q108.

G.P. – Goodheart-Peterson

“This Stinks! Those winx are Amatures! I am Really their Prank Master, Especially for the Trix, Icy, Darcy and Stormy!!!!!!!!!!! and if I’m Their Prank Master, I Can Prank Alfea and the Cloud Tower and Gardenia as Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” replied Stanley G.P. to WCVQ Q108.

G.P. – Goodhart-Peterson

There is really nothing sexist going on here DarkRukia91you are confused it’s just gender identity which is entirely separate from one’s sex and plus there are plenty of females who watch these boy’s shows in the USA trust me on that.

this is great ever since 4Kids went to an all boys network i thought it would never get back on air.but.
if its only gonna be in Canada or if its Rai English im gonna be soo ticked off!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jeg vet ikke va de komentarene er men jeg vil skrive fordet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ÆØÅ hihihihihihihi

Omg! The winx are back! And on nickelodeon! It’s so exiting! Dose any one know what month it startes? I will be so mad if it in rai English or of it is in Canada and not in the us. And I agree 4kids did mess it up a little! and in season 4 Brandon started talking funny for about 3 episodes! When I heard him I wanted to scream! Thank good ness it didn’t last beyond that.

I didn’t really like season 4. They should bring them back to magics and they should bring the witches back. What would be really cool is if they had to team up with the witches!! Also the should bring back all the old characters. Call me weird if u want but some of my favorite characters are headmistress Griffin, headmistress faragonda, and headmaster salidin. ( plus the winx) don’t know why but lala anoise me!

I love winx cant wait always watch it on you tube luv it fav show i even have bloom and lockette dolls so excited its comen back on tv what month??????

PLZ DO THE 4KIDS VERSION!! When I was little I would watch Winx Club and the voices reminded me of my childhood! The RAI voices are annoying!!! So plzzzzzzzzzzzz do the 4KIDS it will appear to more girls cause we were young when this happened now they will appeal to it with the same voices!!!!!!!!

I want winx club back from 2012 plese.I’m wating from 2 years that it will come let it come again i want to see it.

OMG i love this show but i hope that it didn’t change much i loved the original and to change a small fact in the commercial that they say Alfea College it is Alfera school for fairies. But other than that everything is just fine. And PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEE do the 4kids version that the suckist voices i heard in the commercial. Thanks

hasn’t any body realized that disney channel is for girls i mean come on people! but i do look forward that winx club would be on nick my bro hates the idea what ever have a good day

I’m ssssoooo glad it’s coming back to the US I was bummed out when it went off of the 4kids website (i couldn’t get the channel). I can’t wait until it comes back on the air! i think it comes on this month too! Yipee!

Hey DarkRukia91, the statement that the shows on Cartoonnetwork, Disney XD, and Toonzai are targeted to only boys is a lie. It is not sexist. The ones creating and airing the show understand that both boys and girls watch and like these shows. I am a girl as well as most of my friends and we love watching the shows that you call and I quote: “is targeted to boys only”. And by the name you used it seems you like Bleach which would fall under that same catagory. So in conlusion what you said would be a hypocritical statement.

@Yugioh17: Lady have you seen what has been on lately? Especially on Disney XD? before they added new shows like A.N.T. and Kickin it and the avengers they had “I’m in the band, Aaron Stone, Zeke and Luther, etc Do me a favor go on their page and look at their shows, what do you see as the main characters? And I never said girls couldn’t watch them, I said they seem to be more targeted towards boys. I want you to do me a favor a BIG favor. I looked up something a long time ago about comic books, I found out why certain comic books wasnt selling. Look up “Why arent there many female comic books.” and youll see what I am talking about. Ill give you one to save some time but you should research more yourself

I also attended Comic Con in San Fransisco a year ago or so, and I went to one of the meetings about women in comic books and TV shows (and all of the speakers were woman working in the comic/art industry. One of the speakers were pointing out how women are portrayed and why there arent many female main characters she was explaining a few and about bleach (ex: Rukia she can save herself but she is weaker than Ichigo and Orihime shes the damsel in distress. She Also explained why not many people like Tohru from Fruits basket and Orihime b/c of their personalities.) Like most heroes when a woman is by the males side shes weaker than the man (and sometimes needs saving) maybe if you attended something like that you would see what I am talking about. I noticed these things before I attended that meeting and you know what? She was right. So no I am not being a “Hypocrite” as you would say. Do some research before making that statement.

Lets take a quick look at Superheroes: There was a comment stating why arent there many (and why they arent selling) black, asian, women super heroes. not really getting off topic but here read this and find where it says “Craig Lemon:” in the beginning of the whole paragraph and read his statement If you will it falls under why wont women superheros sell. I also attended an Orientation of Art institutes college and we split into groups from animation, cooking, music etc. I was in the Animation group, when I got called there was me and only one other girl there majority went to fashion (to where there was barley and girls left), some to cooking, I dont think I saw any in gaming can’t remember music. And when I talked to a lady she said to me “Thats good we need more women in the animation industry.” So you tell me this, why arent there many women in animation? as main characters? Superheroes? What type of shows are on now? how many shows that had male main characters compared to woman main characters are there before and now, including shows? Never said girls can’t watch them I said they seem targeted towards boys. So yea. . I hope you understand. . If you don’t then I’m sorry but do some research, talk to art colleges, re-read what I said etc.

And bleach seems targeted towards both.

*Sigh* I have a feeling your going to get me on bleach, so ill say something about it first so I wont have to comment again b/c I really dont want to for reasons. Bleach may seem like its towards boys but in reality its kind of both (if you really think about it) Let’s compare it with Dragon Ball Z.

Bleach: How many female characters are there that actually do something

DBZ: Yes there are female characters but do they do something? (Yes number 18)

Compared to bleach “it’s a stone compared to a boulder” meaning that Bleach has way more female characters. there are a few strong female characters in bleach. But DBZ how many female characters do you see fighting along side Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gohon. There are like 5 (from DBZ)? around there compared to you know what im just going to paste this exclude the bad guys please (we are talking about good guy female characters but itll still be more if we added the villains together) when you scroll down to look at all the women in alphabetical order If you dont understand refer back to my first post commenting back to you on female characters.

FYI: people I am not saying Bleach is better than DBZ, I’m only comparing how many female characters there are. Please don’t be fanboys.

I liked the 4Kids dub of the Winx Club because the voices were is tune with the characters. I especially disliked the voice that was given to Flora in the Season 4 English dub. I know that Flora is supposed to be sweet and all that but this particular dub gives her a voice that is so saccharin and phony that it makes you want to puke. And a voice for Icy that sounds like Daisy Duck? Gimme a break!

The 4kids version butchered Winx Club. I would prefer the official Rai English dub. Anything but the 4kids version!!!

Nooooo why nick why’d you ruin Nick, you need the old 1990 show’s back on to Nicktoons or Nick again winx club sucks.

omg i love winx club, but i dont like what they did to it on nick. they gave them season 2s outfit in season 1, the voices dont match, and they’re changing the story kinda. i liked it better on 4kids tv

I think that the 4kids version was best (Havent watched the RAI version). And I have a question. Why is Bloom 16 and going to college? The new opening is repetitive and it became annoying. I’m glad Winx is back but I do not agree with this new version.

PLEASE HAVE THE SAME VOICES, PLACES, AND EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I JUST FREAKIN LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried watching the rai or whatever version and i couldn’t stand their voices, mostly flora because flora is suppose sound sweet but she sounds like a 50 year old or something.

Ok first im a. I lov winx club season 3 nick they didnt. Do seasons 1,2 well they did but i didnt really get the point of moves. But to me the 4kids version SUCKS bur id lov to see seasons 1,2. On 4KIDS but every one thinks either the 4kids is better than nick. Or nick is betta than 4kids version. But guess ju. stdosent matta.cause just be glade they show the show!! But to me the nick is bettaversion but hey thats me GO WINX!!!

People in the comments section are retarded. The 4kids dub WAS TERRIBLE! It left a lot of things out of the original Italian story. WINX is not American made! Its Italian made first! Americans think they own everything! Just because its nostalgic doesn’t mean its good! This version leaves nothing out. Rai English gave us everything and Americans prefer the BUTCHERED version just to relive their childhood? Americans don’t deserve it the show at all. Should’ve just given it to Italy only, just like it used to be. These dumb people over here don’t deserve anything.

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