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Zodiak, Gulli, and Nickelodeon Team Up for Blake and the Aliens

Zodiak, Gulli, and Nickelodeon Team Up for Blake and the Aliens

Zodiak Kids’ Marathon Media has recently struck up a partnership with Nickelodeon and Gulli in order to start production on a new animated comedy under the working title Blake and the Aliens.

The 52 x 13 series will be Marathon Media’s first ever board-driven squash and stretch series, which is a pure cartoon style comedy filled with visual gags, with most of the story’s pace being dictated by the exaggerated actions of its characters.

Blake and the Alien follows a 13 year old boy named Blake, who finds himself beset by three small, evil, alien squirrels who came from the future in order to fulfill one mission: sabotage any endeavor that Blake wants to undertake, so that he will never grow up to be the future famous Captain Blake, Defender of the Universe, and sworn enemy of their planet!

Vincent Chalvon-Demersay (CEO, Marathon Media) and David Michel (General Manager, Marathon Media) comment, “We’re thrilled to be producing Blake and the Aliens. This board-driven cartoon series with truly delirious characters is a first for Marathon Media. We have a feeling this series might be just as exciting to produce as it will be to watch!”

Jules Borkent, Senior Vice President, Global Acquisitions and International Programming for Nickelodeon adds, “We are especially excited about this project and to be working with Marathon Media as it’s our first development partnership with a French producer around an acquired series. This proven model enables us to deliver relevant content that resonates with our audiences worldwide and Blake and the Aliens will be a fantastic addition.”

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