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4Kids One Piece versus original anime One Piece

4Kids One Piece versus original anime One Piece

Cartoons are sometimes created in one region of the world and later brought to others, making certain changes necessary; impacting different audiences, different beliefs, different languages, etc. It’s not an easy job, especially with us picky fans. 4Kids has been known to famously “Americanize” anime with a manga and Shonen Jump and Toei background, like One Piece, and even European concepts, like Chaotic. These moves lead to endless debates over dubbing and scrubbing policies, starting long before One Piece, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! In fact, it reaches through 70s and 80s classics like Voltron and even the Smurfs, and beyond. If you’re new to this concept, take a look at this comparison video, and weigh in with your thoughts on the topic!

Examples of the linguistic translation and cultural localization:
Cigarettes into lollipops
Guns into water guns
Alcohol into water or soda

Are the toons better uncut, unedited, or uncensored?

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    Okay yea, with most of this editing its, really stupid, most of it wasnt really necessary, like turning the riceballs into cookies, and luffy smile at the end. some of it is like mabey the nudity just by showing there butts and nothin eles. . .but wait! dont they show that in regular american cartoons such as EX: billy and mandy when billy sometimes run around naked and they show his butt? It’s actually just really unecessary, i know kids are smart enough not to go around smoking cigaretts, i know they dont even like the smell of them, and the blood? they could of kept most of it on there like on luffy’s hand, or on someone’s face because there wasnt that much of it. and the water gun thing? im just gonna end there. in adding all of this up they over did the editing. this anime wasnt that bad to edit. now if it was an anime like i dont know Air Gear, now that would have to be edited.

  2. I can understand what 4kids was trying to do, but I think they went a little over board. They completely stripped the series and made it look like some 80s captain planet rehash.

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