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Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho Joins J-Stars Victory VS. Roster


We have already posted news about J-Stars Victory VS., which is meant to celebrate Shonen Jump’s 45th Anniversary by bringing several manga properties (including Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Toriko, Gintama, and Kochikame) into a single 3D fighting game for the PS3, but it seems like we’re barely scratching the surface as Namco Bandai has just released a new preview revealing a couple of new franchises added to the roster: Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Hunter x Hunter is represented by the Hunter Gon Freecss, while Yu Yu Hakusho is represented by former spirit detective turned makai warlord Yusuke Urameshi. You can check out the video below, just to see how they fare against the other challengers (note that power levels will be inconsistent between franchises, in order to make the game balanced or at least playable. Otherwise, there would be no point in choosing characters like Himura Kenshin in favor of Goku.)

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