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Luffy and Sanji Throw Down in One Piece Anime Special Preview

This is old news for people who are up to date on the One Piece manga, but those who are only watching the anime will have to watch out for October 1 as the Whole Cake Island Arc reaches one of its most notable high points. While it’s not exactly the climax, the very emotional fight between Luffy and Sanji is about to occur.

For the uninitiated, Sanji has been coerced into joining his family, the Germa 66 and to follow through with an arranged marriage to one of the Yonko Big Mom’s daughters. Despite not wanting anything to do with the criminal organization that is the Germa 66, Sanji chose to comply in an effort to protect the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates from harm. The Strawhat Pirates’ captain Luffy, on the other hand, will not allow Sanji to be taken against his will and refuses to eat anything that is not cooked by the cook. And so the two friends resolve their difference of opinion through the well-worn tactic of beating the crap out of each other.

As promotion for the upcoming event, a couple of clips have been released:

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