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Next Installment in One Piece Pirate Warriors Franchise Announced

Spurred on by the new characters that have appeared in the One Piece manga lately, fans of Eiichiro Oda’s long-running pirate-themed shonen franchise have been hankering for a new game, especially the action-oriented ones that will give them a chance to play as these new characters.

Well, no game franchise gives one the 100 vs. 1 frantic action that One Piece deserves as Koei’s crowdbrawling One Piece Warriors, and according to a recent post over at Crunchyroll, the third installment in the series has been announced way ahead of a showcase at next month’s Tokyo Game Show. One Piece Warriors 3 will be a multiplatform release and will come out for all three of Soony’s current gaming platforms – the PS3, the Vita, and t he PS4.


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