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One Piece: Luffy and Chopper Show Off Rapping Skills in New Fanta CM

Pirates are not really known for their ability to drop phat rhymes, but if there’s one thing the Straw Hats are good for, it’s venturing out into unexplored territories so two of the crew’s representatives, Luffy and Chopper, decide to show off their skills in the most recent CM for carbonated fruit beverage Fanta:

The cross promotion is not limited to the CM. Fanta has released eight time-limited special bottles that feature One Piece characters at Japanese stores.

Official introduction:

“Fanta,” the most popular fruits carbonated beverage especially among teenagers, and “ONE PIECE,” the super popular TV animation have made an exciting collaboration TVCF. A squeeze of juice has made “Fanta Grape” and “Fanta Orange” much tastier, and in the TVCF, ONE PIECE characters “Luffy” and “Chopper” express the tasty flavor, which makes other characters full of joy. Also, by reading the QR cord on the “ONE PIECE Collaboration” bottle, you can enjoy special ONE PIECE movies!


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