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New TV Ad for One Piece 3D2Y Special

A new TV ad for the 3D2Y Ace no Shi Wo Koete! Luffy Nakama Tono Chikai special was aired during this week’s episode of One Piece (656, Rebecca’s Sword of Death! Backwater Sword Dance.) The full-length TV special, which is meant to celebrate the anime series 15th anniversary, is slated to air on Fuji TV’s Premium Saturday block at 9:00 pm this August 30. ...


One Piece Super Grand Battle X Makes Its Way to the Nintendo 3DS

Ganbarion’s Grand Battle series of fighting games based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece franchise will be making grand return via the Nintendo 3DS soon, so you might want to set aside some playing time on your handheld if you’re a big fan of One Piece, even if you already have Unlimited World Red. Titled One Piece: Super Grand Battle X, the game will use a 3D cel-shaded engine and a 2D ...


New CM for One Piece 3D2Y Released

The official Youtube channel for Toei Animation has recently posted new CM for the upcoming One Piece TV anime special, titled 3D2Y Ace no Shi wo Koete! Luffy Nakama tono Chikai (which roughly translates to the equally mouthful “Overcoming the death of Ace! Luffy, the oath with his party!”) The CM is fairly brief, clocking in at 15 seconds, but it should do the job as far as teasing fans is ...


One Piece Gets a New 2 Hour Anime Special Next Month

August is an exciting month for One Piece fans, as the TV anime series will be getting a 2-hour special next month as a way of commemorating its 15th anniversary. Titled “One Piece ‘3D2Y’ Ace no Shi wo Koete! Luffy Nakama to no Chikai” (One Piece ‘3D2Y’ Overcome Ace’s Death! The Oath With Luffy’s Crewmates), the special will be airing on August 30 ...


Nintendo Previews Wii U Version of One Piece Unlimited World Red

We have already seen a dozen of previews and footages for the Nintendo 3DS version of One Piece Unlimited World Red. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve had enough, it’s understandable that some people want to see the other versions showcased. Nintendo, in this case, pulls through as they have recently released the English trailer for the Wii U version of the game. You can check ...


One Piece Unlimited World: Red Battle Gameplay Preview

Bandai Namco Games has just posted a new video featurette for One Piece Unlimited World: Red on their Youtube channel, this time around focusing on gameplay. The video is hosted by Tony Tony Chopper and Usopp, as they show footages of various characters in action. If you’re on the fence about buying the game because you’re not sure what the combat looks like, you definitely need to check out ...


New One Piece Unlimited World: Red Trailer Features Trans Town

Bandai Namco Games has released a new trailer for the multi-platform action game One Piece Unlimited World: Red. This time around, the trailer aims to introduce would-be pirates to the wonderful place that is Trans Town, which serves as the game’s main hub where players can go around and interact with various colorful NPCs. There’s also a quasi-RTS element because you can help build the town ...


One Piece Goes on Hiatus Due to Author’s Surgery

The One Piece manga is currently in the middle of a very exciting story arc – with Zoro facing off against the strongest executive from the Doflamingo family and Luffy (along with Law and a couple of others) going straight to face off with Dofla himself. There’s also a big reveal about why Law hates Dofla but I’m not going to reveal it here – the point is that the manga is very close to ...


One Piece Unlimited World Red Coliseum Grand Opening With Eng Subs

Bandai Namco Europe has recently posted an English subtitled preview of the multiplatform action game One Piece Unlimited World Red, this time focusing on the Coliseum Mode. The video also features Doflamingo, which is very timely considering that he’s the big bad in the current story arc running on the manga. You’ll also get to see no less than 20 playable characters, the main story mode, ...


One Piece Unlimited World: Red Makes Its Way to Europe, and North America in July

English speaking fans of One Piece will be glad to know that the multiplatform action game One Piece Unlimited World: Red will finally be arriving in Europe on June 27, followed by a North American version in July. And the ports will not be arriving as plain jane releases, because both the day one edition and a special Chopper edition will be including several yummy goodies. The day one edition ...


Interesting One Piece Facts

Like most shonen franchises that draw inspiration from history, there are a lot of interesting facts buried under Eiichiro Oda’s long-running yarn. Longtime fans already know all of these facts but for people like me who only got caught up a few months ago, the following facts could be interesting: ... now has 9 pages of news and games!« First Page23456Last Page »

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