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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure FINALLY Heads to Toonami this October

This franchise had some very, very strange history in the states. For many years, the OVA was considered a cult classic in the here, and the rest of North America. Aspects of the franchise, which takes certain concepts from historical  (Victorian era England and other eras) and modern concepts (the 4th part is deals with the mid 1990’s), have made it one of the biggest hits in Japan for ...


Disney Releases Japanese Trailer for Moana

Disney has recently released the official Japanese trailer for their upcoming CG film Moana. The Japanese trailer is worth watching due to its softer tone, when compared to the highly kinetic English trailer. The Japanese trailer is presented with a more somber music and features the titular character as a toddler, when she first had her magical encounter with the ocean. The trailer ends with ...


Nickelodeon Secures International Rights to The Day Henry Met

Monster Entertainment and Wiggleywoo have recently announced that the international broadcast rights to the hit preschool series The Day Henry Met…? has been secured by Nickelodeon for different markets across six continents, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Benelux, GSA, Greece, Italy, Portugal, CEE, Russia, Israel, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Latin ...


Fat Rabbit Farm Debuts Pilot on Youtube

Fat Rabbit Farm’s official animated short pilot has recently been launched on Youtube, courtesy of a partnership between Fat Rabbit Farm LLC and FremantleMedia Kids & Family. Allowing the public to watch the pilot for free will hopefully build a decent audience base and justify a series greenlight for the project. The pilot is animated by Studio Moshi (The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Rocket ...

tekken 7 bob and master raven

New Tekken 7 Videos Feature Bob and Master Raven

A new installment of Tekken is always a big thing, but Tekken 7’s upcoming debut is even bigger because it marks the franchise’s first foray into the PC platform (unless you want to count Street Fighter X Tekken, which you shouldn’t because that game is a Street Fighter first and foremost). Way ahead of its early 2017 release, and in time for the last EVO event, several characters were ...


Miffy Coming to Germany

German brand management and media company m4e AG has recently announced their appointment as rights holder of the classic property Miffy, covering German-speaking territories. M4e has secured the rights from the property’s licensor and owner Mercis bv, and plans to help establish the brand in German-speaking markets. “We have made the strategic decision to position this classic brand in ...


New Yo-Kai Watch 3 Footage Shows Off Boss Battle

While a huge chunk of the world’s population are currently busy with a certain ARG game based on a popular monster-oriented RPG, Level-5 releases a new clip for their own cute monster-centric franchise (which some people consider to be a better franchise). The new footage serves as yet another preview for Yo-Kai Watch 3, and shows off the player’s party fighting against a junkyard yo-kai boss ...


CLIP: The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution

Kadokawa Games and Falcom have just released a new video showing off the animated opening of the game called The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3rd Evolution, which is already enjoying a healthy release in Japan. The game is an enhanced PS Vita port and part of Falcom’s series of The Legend of Heroes turn based RPGs. This particular installment serves as the third entry and epilogue of the ...


Aniplex Releases English Dub Trailer for God Eater

Aniplex has just done all of us God Eater fans a solid, by releasing the official English dub trailer for the anime, which as a bonus also reveals the all star cast that includes Kyle Hebert, Wendee Lee, Spike Spencer and more. You can check out the trailer below: For the uninitiated, God Eater is based on the successful videogame series that focuses on a post apocalyptic version of Japan, which ...


Millimages’ Molang Makes a Splash in the U.S.

Millimages has finally brought its short form animated series Molang to U.S. shores via the Disney Junior App. The series has already been watched by 35% of kids aged 2 to 5 in the country since it was first premiered a few months ago, with viewers watching an average of 20 shorts. The success has prompted Millimages to greenlight a second season, which is already in production and expected to be ...


Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Game to Debut at Comic-Con

Adult Swim Games is getting ready to shower Rick & Morty fans with some gaming goodness via a game called Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality. Fans who want to be among the first to experience this new game can attend the San Diego Comic Con, where the game will be made available to the public at Adult Swim on the Green, July 21-24 from 11 am to 6 pm. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality ...


Turner Inks Cartoon Network Mobile Deal with Philippine Telco

Turner Asia Pacific has recently announced two new upgraded Cartoon Network apps to be provided exclusively to customers of Philippines local telco brand Globe. First is an authenticated version of the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app, which will unlock its full functionality and allow livestreaming of the channel’s content as well as watching extra VOD content. The second is the bundled ... now has 386 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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