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2013 Seoul Character & Licensing Fair


There’s just under a week to go until COEX opens its doors for the 10th Seoul Character & Licensing Fair.
Catered to suit B2B and fans, SCLF 2013 will be open to the general public from the 17th to the 21st of July.  It is a huge event that has been billed as Asia’s biggest Licensing Market with over 130,000 participants. So if you’re in Seoul, Korea come along.

This year’s format has changed from the traditional split of 2 days for Business and 3 days for Public. Now it’s all 5 days combined so companies will have to juggle events and giveaways with their meetings. (Around $11 Million dollars’ worth of contacts were signed on site at SCFL 2012) This year will also include a Job Fair on the 20th .

SCLF 2013 will be filled to the brim with Korean Animation Characters, costumes (not much cosplay) merchandise and booths. This year they’re a boasting over 950 booths representing 300 properties. (For the record, companies hire multiple booths to build their displays on) To give an idea of scale the biggest interactive display takes up 153 Booths (about 1377 Square meters) made by Roi Visual for their Global traffic safety campaign with Hyun-dae Motors staring Robocar Poli and friends from the show Robocar Poli. They’ve basically built the city of Broomstown and it can be found at the back of Hall B.

A list of attending companies (but not there characters or animations) is available at (I would love to make a list of all them for you but if I left anyone off or gave preference to the order, then I’d be in trouble.)
Pack your own water, put your kids on a leash (figuratively) bring a fan (it will be hot) and be prepared for a colorful explosion of noise and Manhwa.

If you are interested in any characters or companies from Korea, drop a comment below and we can try to cover them in more detail for you.


Here are just a few pictures from last years SCLF 2012 to show what’s in store:











That was only the tip of the content (and crowd) that was there last year.

Antony Norman Gusscott

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